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Friday, July 22, 2011

Thinking On and Thankful For......

Happy Friday Y'all!  It's time to share what I've been thinking on and been thankful for this week...the good, bad and the ugly...

Thankful for...
Packaging up some custom made headbands for a friend to be shipped out!  

Thankful for...                  
And this.

Because it leads to stuff like...
 and this!
and this!

I'm thankful for this...
A birthday card from a dear friend at our church who always remembers our birthdays. She is older than me.. Some would call her "special".  They would be totally right...she is super special. 
  This one is for Lydia (who loved the fact Carolyn put a heart sticker on hers)

Lovin this...
My big splurge of the week. A $.50 magnet for my fridge.
It just screams "Go create something!!" to me. 

I'm thinking on and thankful for and loving this...
Pics from my bee-u-tiful daughter and our little man, Nate!

Thinking on this....
the mess I have got to clean up.  Ughh!
It seems like everywhere I turned this week, folks 
were sharing pics of their amazing craft rooms and spaces.
Well this is mine. The kitchen table. Uh..and I'm messy.
My family may start a revolt or something soon to reclaim their "eatin space".
(umm and yeah, that's a gun propped up in the corner. Which reminds me of something else I'm loving... I shot my first armadillo this week! Yay me!)

And last but not least 
I said I would share the good, bad or ugly...

My daughter came home all excited from a trip she had gone on that included some shopping..
She says ,"Oh. My. Goodness. Mom.  Wait to you see this dress. You will LOVE it.  Cuz it is SO retro!".
Ok People! When did the 80's become retro?!  As in "cool retro" not tacky_lets make fun of_retro.. I was expecting something awesome from the 70's or something.  This looks just like a sweater I had in the 10th grade and I'm almost positive I saw Dr. Huxtable wearing something with this pattern on the Cosby Show!
Yeah.. I now get why my mom doesn't get my love for vintage 60 and 70's stuff.

Too funny.

Hope you have a great weekend.
What's been are your mind that you are thinking on and thankful for?

Stephanie :)

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  1. Love that you have a gun propped up in the corner, and yes, Dr. Huxtable definitely had that pattern on a sweater! bahahahaha

  2. Yummy looking food! Now I'm hungry...

  3. look at all that fancy fresh produce. and all of the goodies you made out of it!

    LOVE the watercolors. so awesome. :)

  4. I am drooling after all your yummy pics!!! Beautiful post... and so glad I'm not the only one with a messy crafting area!

  5. Wow what a great Insta Friday!! Soo many pics, I only had two :( lol! Lovin your daughters foreve 21 purchase!!

  6. fun ... love all that food ... it looks so D-lish!


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