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Friday, July 8, 2011

Thinking On and Thankful For......

My hope is to share this once a week and give you a little slice of what I am loving most at the moment, or perhaps what I just can't get off my mind..good or bad.

Cabinets full of yummy stuff!!
A "big grocery" trip was long overdue
oh, and the upside down box of microwave caramel popcorn that's on the third shelf on the right.....
and..umm..does anybody else's cabinets look as unorganized as mine? :)

Time spent with my mom.
Being five hours apart stinks but our time together is always sweet.

Thankful for the reason behind this big smile when this pic was taken.
Can't tell you at the moment, but can I just say...Our God is INCREDIBLE!!

Thankful for a daughter who saves her money.
Sad she had to spend every last dollar in this jar on a insurance deductible because of her wreck.
Thankful for all the hard lessons learned.

Thankful for text like this from my daughter.
She is a cosmetologist at a nursing home. (or beauty operator as they call her) 
Thankful she sees the value in ministering to the elderly.

Thankful for 3 1/4 inches of rain this week!!
Our garden is busting at the seams!!

Thinking on my son-n-law as he leaves his family today and flies to Honduras 
on a mission trip.
Thankful for his passion to spread the gospel.
Praying the Lord gives him boldness and opportunities while he is there.
Asking you to  join me in praying that God's kingdom is advanced and His name is glorified!

ps.  I'm linking up with the lovely Kristy of Paisley Jade for....

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!
Stephanie :)


  1. My cabinets look like that but I can assure you Ms. Pammies don't LOL.

  2. If you can find it - it's organized ;)

  3. My cabinets are at least as bad as that! And YES to the micro caramel popcorn. Helllooo!
    Praying for your SIL and family. How amazing ;)

  4. What a beautiful list (always is). Your family is incredible (and I love Ronald McDonald too ;)

  5. Im so glad ou stopped my blog. You & your blog are gorgeous it must represent your heart. I loved the comment you left me. thanks so much. Im following you now and i cant wait to find out what the big smile is all about. :-)

  6. HI! Thanks so much for "delurking" this weekend on my blog :) You have a very lovely blog for only having just started it!! Love the stuff you're sharing and your heart for your family. You are so sweet.


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