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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thanks for the Inspiration

This week for Gussy's Inspiration Workshop she is letting us choose our inspiration!
What inspires me.
Well, there are so many things that inspire me! How do I  narrow it down?

First and foremost, God's word inspires me.  My tastes have changed through the years.  I mean, when I first got married country blue and geese were all the rage! And the seasons of my life have changed...I just enrolled my baby for college classes yesterday. sniff.  And with the change, so have the sources where I search for inspiration. (Twenty-three years ago Pinterest was just a misspelled word!) All that will change constantly, yet Gods Word will never change and it will always be  there to inspire and convict and transform me.  
 Yesterday, Today and Forever. 

Of course my husband of 23 years ( next month! Ahh!!) inspires me every day. His passion for the Lord and desire to share that with others inspires me to want more of Jesus.

My 3 daughters inspire me to be a better mother and friend and example.
They are leaps and bounds ahead of me from where I was at their age.  Inspiring.
The lady on the left is my mom-n-law..she is super inspiring but we'll save that for another day :)

My granddaughters inspire me to think of my legacy, of the brevity of my life and to focus on the most important stuff.... which usually turns out to be the little things.

I'm so thankful these will always be a constant source of inspiration in my life.

And I'm also thankful for my most recent source of inspiration.....

I cannot begin to describe what a blessing to have met so many inspiring new friends through blogging! Y'all are incredible! I've met women who have not only endured but embraced unthinkable obstacles and tragedies in their lives. Precious ladies who have lost children..women who have had to bury the love of their lives and those who have journeyed the long road of depression.. Ladies who have been chosen to be the moms of children with physical challenges and some who are still longing to hold a baby in their arms after years of trying.  I could go on and on. Y'all have shared your struggles, your failures and your triumphs with such raw honesty.
Y'all have walked down unthinkable roads that you never would have chosen for yourself but yet you have chosen to praise God anyway
That inspires me!
You inspire me to trust God more.
You have inspired me to knock down a few walls in my life and let people in.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You have enriched my life.
In fact you have inspired me so much I'm stepping out and gonna have my very first link up!
(Oh, I'm nervous!  I mean, what if no one links up?)  

God has used you in my life these past few months.
 I want to hear about the people God is using in your life.
Is it your best friend since kindergarden? Is it your pastors wife? Your husband?  A new blogger friend? The stranger you met at walmart? ...The big moments and the little moments and everything in-between that God has used to encourage you and teach you and show his love to you.
My sweet sister-n-law, Heather, had a "God Moment" over cheese at walmart with a old man God sent her way to remind her of His great love for her. You can read about that here.  She will inspire you.

This life is about people. Those we impact and those who have impacted us.
Hope you'll link up and share what God is up to in your life using people.


  1. Ok. I luv this post. And you are so right..the blogging world of ladies are a-mazing! So many great_ luv'n Jesus ladies out there. Thank you for your sweet compliment... "we're all in this together" (makes you want to start singing HS Musical now, huh), really "we are family" (or we can sing this)..haha hopefully, I just made you laugh. Love you! :)

  2. I love that God never changes, his word is always a source of inspiration for me as well. I love that blogging gives us a chance to meet others lovers of Jesus and to share our faith and testimony ;-)

  3. Family is so important and I love that you draw inspiration from them. It is helpful to remain mindful that the important things in our lives are always relationships, never things.

  4. Beautiful post and gorgeous family and great inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing and for visiting my blog, too :-)

  5. love this post and your heart :) i will definitely link up soon. can't write a post today {gotta get back to work...i'm so distracted by blogs haha}, but i'm so glad you've started this link up. it's a good one!!

  6. family is so important agreed! i love the picture of you and your girlies! too beautiful! i have just become a fan of your blog and creations! love it!

  7. I've been constantly surprised and delighted to discover how many other bloggers out there are believers! It's been such a joy for me to develop so many online relationships with these women in the last few months. Your blog is just beautiful!

  8. beautiful friend! YOU are an inspiration. By the family is gorgeous!

  9. Wow, I can't believe you're old enough to have daughters who are so grown up. Your grand-daughters are gorgeous.

    Visiting from the Rewind.

  10. I think it is always nice to say thanks to blog readers. They are inspirational and, often, what keeps the blog posts coming. Thanks for Rewinding this Weekend x


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