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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thinking On and Thankful For......

My hope is to share this once a week and give you a little slice of what I am loving most at the moment, or perhaps what I just can't get off my mind...good or bad.

Loving this for several reasons:
  1. Me and Nick were tagged in this pic by a friend from high school back home...she said she thought of us when she saw it.  Awesome.
  2. She loved how the Lord "shows Himself in the most unexpected places." Awesome
  3. The realization how technology  has reunited us with so many people with whom we may have lost contact with if not for Facebook, blogging and twitter.  So awesome

Thinking on a lot and thankful for the Lord removing the clouds of years of miscommunication in a dear relationship and the breakthrough of the hope of sweet times ahead.   Awesome.

Thankful me and Lauren got stuck in the very back seat of the mini van together so we could discover just exactly how much our feet look alike.  Right down to our pinkie toes missing polish.  Crazy.

My new scrub brush for the sink.  It makes me smile every time I do dishes. 

One perfect day of shopping with Elizabeth and the girls.  We found awesome bargains and the girls were happy the ENTIRE time!...(and we were out all day!)
Can I hear a big awesome from all you mommas of pre-schoolers?!

Seeing the world through their eyes this week.  Amazing.

Surprise! Celebrating with Lydia the "End of an Era"...
(stay tuned for more on this)

Digging up this pic and seeing how much a Aunt and Niece can look alike.
(aunt lidi's loving this)

Being amazed at the agility and moves of a very pregnant Elizabeth having fun with her sisters while playing Just Dance on the Wii.

Her smiles and giggles all week...

Her smiles and silliness all week....

Thankful for this man and his sacrificial love for me, the impact he is making in so many lives, and watching him play so tenderly with his grand daughters.  This blesses me beyond words.

Stephanie :)

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  1. Loved it all and I am, too, very grateful :)

  2. there's always so much to be thankful for! i'm seriously loving that the weed grew like a cross. your family is gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful list. Your photos are stunning and I just love the foot shot - I thought it was the same feet from one person at first!


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