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Friday, April 27, 2012

What's up Buttercup?

Here's what's up in our neck of the woods.
Lots of stuff happening....
Sadly, housework has not been one of them though.  So I will spare you from any pictures of my kitchen table covered with wedding projects and necklace orders and the counter full of dishes..
(yes, I said counter. They have out grown the to dirty dishes)

I know life will get back to normal soon and when the dust settles from all the chaos of the events going on, it's all this fun stuff that will matter most in the end...
not that I had an immaculately well organized home.
(But if my "end" comes suddenly, I have made my girls PROMISE to wash all the dishes on the counter and fold the mountain of clothes in my bedroom before anyone enters the house!! I'm not kidding)

UPDATE:  Here are the flowers the girls planted. You can read about them {here}.
They brought them with them so they could water them....sweetness.
I see sprouts!!

 Yay to a buggie full of Target flip flops in the girls sizes at Dirt Cheap for $1.50 a pair!

Major bad decision here...
Decided to paint my toes a nice yellow to match my accessories.
The color choice was bad enough but the paint job that I slapped on literally 5 minutes before getting in the car was atrocious!  I sent a pic of my feet to Lydia saying SOS.
She sent me a pic back saying OMG.

We were on our way to meet my mom who was coming in from out of town for Lydia's shower...hence the big smile on my face in the above photo.  After she got out of the car and did her traditional "happy dance" upon arrival, she did her once over to check me out and when she got to my toes, I promise... she gasped out loud.  Then she said one word..."UGLY" as she pointed to my toes.
Yeah Mom, we already established that. But thanks.
The girls and I keep saying we are gonna get her a bumper sticker that says
"Loni. Keeping it real since 1943"
Gotta love her!!

We are in the thick of "Shower Season" for the bride to be in our house!
This is a pic from one a couple of weeks ago that her bridesmaids gave her.
It was small and intimate and super sweet.

This week she had a themed shower and it was all about cooking....
I can't wait to share all the details with y'all soon. 
Fun, FUN, Fun stuff happened and she was certainly showered with gifts as we were blessed to see lots of ladies we haven't seen in long time.  

This is the morning before we left...I didn't  even realize me and Lydia kinda color coordinated until I looked at this pic... but that really doesn't matter cuz we got to town too early and needed to kill some time so we decided to hit our favorite thrift store. 
 I found several goodies....

And decided I liked this yellow shirt I found better with my outfit. 
 So I paid for it and then went back into the dressing room and put it on.  
Lydia was like, "Seriously Mom?  Seriously?  You're kidding right?"
Although, looking at the pictures now...I totally like the first outfit better.
*Note to self...stay away from the color yellow!  The two of you ain't jiving this week!

The grand babies stayed for a few days after the shower...
LOVE that.

Paw Paw taught Rosalyn how to drive the 4-wheeler...

Miss Jules latched on to THIS particular baby and went nowhere without it all week.

Paw Paw found a little bird that couldn't fly.
The wedding bird cage worked beautifully.
(Thanks Elizabeth...perfect timing!)

He was doing much better the next day so we released him.
I think his face here says it all.... 

 I just couldn't get enough of these curls.

Paw Paw and Roz played a little baseball.
Paw Paw is a great coach and really helped her with her batting as he explained how important it is to keep your eye on the ball.

When we enlarged that last pic, we discovered Paw Paw follows his own instructions.
(we got a serious giggle out of this one)

Sorry for the Julia Rose photo dump.....but those chubby fingers.... wrapped around this dirty tiny baby...and those curls.  Forgive me.  But I am a grandma you know!  

 I introduced my littlest little women to "Little Women".
It's a favorite of my original little women.
Lydia hated Friedrich when she was little because she thought it was disgusting how OLD he was and of course she loved Laurie...but while watching it this time, she said he isn't so bad at all....that she can appreciate their love now.
I do believe my little woman is growing up.

Which by the is my baby girl!!
Here she is trying on her cap and gown for her graduation that is in two weeks!  
I witnessed this beautiful and exciting milestone as I was working on Lydia's wedding invitations.
This is when I have to remind myself of my word for 2012... {Embrace}
Embrace the change Stephanie....Embrace.

 And upon hanging up after talking with my mom on the phone for about 30 minutes while we caught  up on all things important in the world.  She immediately called me back to tell me some incredible news that she couldn't believe she forgot to tell me!!..... She got this inside info straight from the horses mouth in her monthly V.I.P. email she receives....brace yourself people.....

Bluebell's newest flavor is gonna be RED VELVET CAKE!
Woo Hoo!  You can read all about it {here}.

Well, if you have hung in here with me to the end, I'd love to hug your neck.
So sweet of you to be interested in our shenanigans.
I just love y'all so much. 

Oh and don't forget about my Mother's Day promotion I have going on in my shop!!
You can read about it {here}.

You get one of these FREE with each Hymn Necklace your purchase!  

Hope y'all have a fantabulous weekend!!
I get to see my momma AGAIN!  squeal!  Two weekends in a row.
Woo Hoo!

Stephanie :)


  1. i want to be part of your family y'all have so much fun.

    embrace. that's a good one.

    i can't wait to see photos of the wedding all the planning peaks you give us are so beautiful.

    happy weekend friend!

  2. a graduate and a bride! you have so much to embrace.

    little women is my FAVORITE.
    i read it with my girls last year. emilie (who was 11 at the time) and i cried through much of it.
    the winonna rider version of the movie is well done. i've watched it a million times. i'll watch it a million more.

    as fr the color yellow, we have agreed i look at it and NEVER wear it.

  3. Things seem so exciting and lovely in your parts these days. Not that they're not on others, but the joy and cheer that's spiraling around all the big to do's are really raising the bar. I'm so happy for you and precious family. You soak up all those little grands will let you. Embrace :)

  4. Even though I saw most of this on Instagram, I loved seeing it all again ;) You and your mom are hilarious, I love the idea of that bumper sticker. And who could blame you for taking a lot of pics of those sweet adorable grandbabies? No one. Cuteness like that must be shared. Happy weekend Stephanie!

  5. I really just can't get enough of your sweet sweet family! And I adore Little Women and felt the SAME way as your daughter! I thought Jo was CRAZY CAKES for not snatchin' up Laurie. when I watched it again...I felt "less" annoyed at Jo...but not yet 100%! Maybe I'll go watch it again today...just to re-evaluate of course. ;0)

  6. You guys are such a hoot! And those baby flipper flops are SOOOO stinking cute! Goes right along with their sweet curly heads. You can hug my neck anytime girl! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  7. I wish you would have thrown my bridal shower!...too cute! I see a trip to Target in my near future for some flip flops!

  8. Can't wait to hear more about the bridal party!!

    I think the yellow was FUN! maybe the picture didn't give the full picture, but i thought it was cute :) love that you go the extra mile to match nail polish to accessories! haha another reason I think you're my hero sometimes (in part with your amazing faith in Christ & mothering girls so wonderfully!)


  9. YOU are just the sweetest thing! I love coming here to visit. If you could put those grandbabies in a pitcher and pour me up a glass I would drink them right up! You have so much fun ahead of you with all of these special occasions. I look forward to hearing about them all!

  10. aw. such great pics!! i loved that post about the girls' flowers. glad to see they're sprouting :]

  11. such a sweet family!!! what cute grandbabies and fun pictures!!!

    i pray that i can handle it as gracefully as you do when my little one graduates...and marries...and makes grandbabies. what a truly blessed life you have!!!

  12. Oh what a time for you all! It's been an honor to follow along your journey with your family Stephanie! So much going on, and such is ever moving... you're a champion!


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