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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Coming to Grips

I've come to grips with two things this week.

1. I need reading glasses.
So not thrilled about this.  Not so much cuz it means I'm getting older but because my eyesight already stinks. Serious nearsightedness.  I can't see a thing without my contacts or glasses.  I mean, I can't even tell if Nick's eyes are open or shut when we are lying next to each other in the bed.  Without my contacts, my world is a big blur.  So...I really, really, really wasn't ready to enter into the world of having to keep up with reading glasses too. Boo.  But the fact that  every time someone hands me something to read, I have to hold it back in order for it to focus has propelled me to take the plunge.

I WILL be on the hunt for some super cute ones though...
Like these funky ones...

funky design reading glasses

Or maybe some with major bling...
reading glasses
Probably need some in every color to match with my outfits....
lots of reading glasses

Although, these were hands down the cutest reading glasses I discovered...
Reading Glasses

Okay...enough of that.

I told you I've come to grips with two things this week...
1. I need reading glasses
2. I'm not Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

I have come to realize that I am on the fast track to Crazyville if I don't slow down and jump off the train. I am in a crazy, wonderful, bittersweet season right now and up to my eyeballs in wedding projects x's1000 and graduation party plans, senior table displays, custom orders in my Etsy shop and shipments to be mailed out. As much as I thrive on the excitement and love planning festivities and thoroughly enjoy creating pretty things, I've noticed lately I'm losing the joy in it all.... and I'm a little , no... a lot  stressed out and it's my family who is paying the price.  Not good.  Something's gotta give.

I've already experienced planning a wedding with our oldest daughter, the joy of her wedding day and the bittersweetness of her leaving the nest and then eventually her moving several hours away.  So I totally understand how precious this time and season is with our middle daughter...that life as we know it with her here in our home is seriously coming to an end.

And I know how exciting and monumental this season is for our youngest daughter as she is about to reach her first major milestone in her life as she graduates from high school and moves on to the next phase of her life.  I want her to feel and experience every bit of excitement that her two sisters did...even though it's all wedding mode around here.

And my shop is busting at the seams with orders and I have so many ideas that I want to implement and create.  The Lord has used this shop in a way that is beyond what I could have ever imagined. He has used it to be a vessel to provide for all the extra expenses during this wedding/graduation season.  And the people I've met and the stories they have shared about their lives, their ministries and the reasons they chose the hymn necklace they did or why it's their favorite....well that is like the cherry on top.  It has enriched me beyond what  I deserve.

So how do I do it ALL?
I can't.

I was given great advice early in our ministry...I was told to ask myself when I was faced with another thing or opportunity to add to my plate...
is there anyone else in the world that can do this job other than me?

  • Is there anyone else who can be Nick's wife?  No...I'm the one the Lord chose for that honor.
  • Is there anyone else who can be Lydia and Lauren's mom and help prepare them for the new seasons they are about to enter?   No.  That is my job.. what I was created to do as I was blessed to carry  them in my womb and raise them for a season. 
  • Is there anyone else who can make necklaces with hymn lyrics on them and cute headbands?  Ummmm..Yes. As a matter of fact  just search Etsy and I'm sure you will find something similar.

So there ya have it... as much as I'm loving The Honey Pot Shop and creating things that have blessed me in so many ways, I need to "close up shop" least until after the wedding.

I don't want to miss one single thing of the next 6 weeks.
I don't want lose the joy of the incredible season we are in.
I don't want to be stressed out trying to keep up with it all.
I don't want my girls to think back to this season and the main memory they have is me going crazy, eating  Flaming Hot Cheetos by the bagfuls  to handle the stress.

I do want to savor every second of this special time.
I do want both my daughters to look back and remember all the giggles, all the silliness and all the love.
I do want to soak up these last few weeks with Lydia in our home.
I do want to celebrate every thing about Lauren that she has achieved....without distractions.
I do want my girls to look back and think their mom handled this very hectic time in our family with strength and dignity and grace.

So if there was anything you were eyeballing in my shop run over and get it cuz come this weekend it will be on vacation mode and you will have to wait til the end of June to get it!! (I will tell you that when I reopen after the wedding I'm gonna have some amazing new goodies that I've been dying to show y'all!!  Can't wait!)

Oh.. and the morning that my husband and I discussed this decision and he encouraged me to close up shop and not to worry about the extra money it is providing... I checked the mailbox and this was in it. There was no note from the sweetheart who sent it but I have a pretty good idea who I think is responsible!  This message couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

So thankful for His grace. Oh my goodness am I thankful.
This baby is getting matted and framed asap to hang in my living room for me to see 
every. single. day.

Well, let me go...
I have several hundred invitations to assemble, address and stamp  :)

Stephanie :)

ps. Lydia informed me that I am still Wonder Woman....I'm just an old Wonder Woman. Ha.
I'll take that :)

(oh, and all the pics except for the last two are from the lovely Pintrest)


  1. PTL Stephanie, there is NO SUCH thing as doing it "all" and whoever started that needs, well nevermind, but argh, it makes me crazy!!!
    So you take whatever time you need, we will all be waiting for you, we understand and are patient, I can't imagine how crazy over there it must be!!! I will pray for you and all, ok?!


  2. love you. proud of you! xo
    press on, keep close to the king, it'll all get done that needs to ;)

  3. I love this Mrs. Stephanie...your girls are so extremely blessed and as are you for having such lovely young ladies. I miss you guys! Wish you all the best :)

  4. I admire you so much! I pray that this season is so sweet for you! You're family is so blessed to have you!

  5. Lady, it made me stressed and tired just reading all that you've got going on right now. It takes so much to step back and say "I can't do it all." Now you can breathe and enjoy your daughters.

    I don't even want to hear about reading glasses, although you do have me looking for cute ones now. I'm about to break down and buy a pair. Who knew when you reach 45 your eyesight says "Bye Bye"? I've put it off for a few years. I don't think I can hold off any longer. The squinting is adding to my wrinkles...

  6. so proud of you. you are a wise woman!! and you're right - God will totally provide!! :)

  7. So neat seeing how God made sure THAT card was in your mailbox on THAT day!!! I'm sure you didn't want to close up shop for a little while, but I'm sure your daughters will look back on that sacrifice and always remember and appreciate it.

  8. Bless your sweet hear for wanting to DO IT ALL girl. You have accomplished many wonderful things and I know you will continue to do so. I will be praying for all of you on this journey and that the excitement won't be forgotten in the midst of the crazy. And when in doubt, just eat your flaming hot cheetos! Hahahaha!

  9. If I were closer I would come help with those wedding invitations. Fancy writing and licking envelopes is my gift.

    Have a happy season!


  10. again, thank you for your authenticity. for being real. for giving the rest of us permission through your example to take off our superwoman hats too, and BE PRESENT!

    i love my necklace and goodies. LOVE.

    i facebooked your special (which btw- you should charge more for your necklaces. really. they are that good!),and am sending friends your way.

  11. I so look forward to reading you post! Such encouragement...I think you really might be super woman :) !

    p.s. I am legally blind with contacts or I feel you!

    p.s.s. I have issues with kindergarten...I am not sure how I will handle the leaving of the nest~

  12. ok. i just love you girl.
    and i will be praying for you.
    thank you for being such a good example of a Godly wife and mother.
    muah! xo

  13. I love the "is there anyone else in the world that can do this job other than me?" question. Definitely a good one to remember and ponder often!! Way to step out in obedience--- you know there won't be any regrets from savoring the time with your girls :)

    I have to confess though that I am glad that I sent my husband the link to your shop when I did! He just got the order in for my mother's day present right before you temporarily closed up shop ;) And lucky me, gifts always burn a hole in his pocket so I am already wearing my beautiful mother's day necklace. Love it!! Thanks for creating it :)

  14. Thanks for this. It really makes me think. Love the line stating that there's probably no one else who can minister in the same way you (or I) can. Great food for thought next time I feel like shrugging off an opportunity.


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