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Friday, May 4, 2012

#aprilphotoaday...kinda sorta

Well folks, I did 9 out of 30 days this month.
Good thing I'm not OCD or this would be driving me crazy. lol

Here's what I got:
Day one:  Your reflection
Day two:  color
Day three: mail
Day four: someone who makes you happy (my church family)
Day five: tiny (my elf salt and pepper shakers)

then skip to
Day sixteen: flower (obvious in full swing wedding mode, hence the skipping of days 6-15)
Day seventeen: something I don't like  (cracked windshields and driving in the rain. boo)
Day eighteen: hair (loving my Bits of Splendor sparrow bobby pin...wear it all the time)
Day nineteen: orange

Maybe I'll do better in May.  Hmmm...we'll see.
I turn a year older this Month so it's a favorite month for me. And I've got a project that I've been working on a little every day since my last birthday.  Can't wait to share it!!  Squeal!!

I'm about to pack the car for a road trip with my girls in honor of our lovely graduate....
Miss Lauren Alexis Holden

Lauren's picture is pretty much how we all feel about the trip!
We be excited!!  
Can't wait to fill y'all in on all the fun stuff we have up our sleeve :)
Follow me on instagram to watch it all unfold (honeyholden)
....the Holden girls are instagramming fools.

Hope y'all have a great weekend too!
I still gotta go pack my clothes. The need for a bathing suit might be required at some point this weekend and that scares the life out of me!  I'm not ready to be seen in a bathing suit. I  told my friend, Denise, this morning that even though I have retired my Wonder Woman "hat"....I sho wish I could fit in her costume!!  

Stephanie :)


  1. I love love these pictures!! your hair is SO gorg!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun is about to unfold!

  3. congrats to lauren!! love her color combo :]

  4. i love your reflection photo. you are gorgeous. i see where your daughter's get their beauty from, YOU! i bet that beauty illuminates from the inside out in them, too. you spreading Beauty.

    i hate bathing suits. i have to take pain-killers to wear one...i'm just kidding... i actually eat insane amounts of chocolate when i wear one, and a cover-up.

    i hope you enjoyed your time.

  5. Your blog is so awesome!! I love that you are so in love with Jesus and your husband :)

  6. That picture of Lauren is incredible! Gorgeous. So glad you all got some time together. Hope you are feeling better today ;)xoxo

  7. Hope y'all are having fun!! Love the photo of your Lauren...beautiful!


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