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Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi Y'all

I just wanted to pop in and say Hi!
 As of this post we now have 36 days left until the wedding!!!!
Are we ready?  Do we have everything made? Uh....heck no.  
Am I starting to get a little nervous? Uh... Y to the E to S!!!!!  Big Time.  
But I do know from past experience it will get done and what doesn't get done was never supposed to be. (one of you that reads this who will actually be here the week of the wedding, please remind me that I said that...OK?!!.   Thanks)

I've been absent on here but very present in all the wonderful stuff that has been going on around here in my daughter's lives.  The biggie lately was  Lauren's graduation!
I'm gonna share about all that in a different post but here is a peek...

So proud of her.

I can't wait to share the rest of her big day of celebration!

I mentioned in my last post that we were taking a girls trip in Lauren's honor ....
Kind of a very mini Senior Trip.
As usual, we had some fun things planned.
The first item of business was that from the moment the car pulled out of the driveway, 
No one could say the word "Wedding" or talk of anything related!
Poor Lauren's major milestone of graduating kind of got lost under the Wedding shadow so we wanted to make sure this trip was all about HER!! Woo hoo.

So I bought a stamp with a graduation cap on it and whenever anyone said the buzz word, they got stamped!  Talk about hard!!

It wasn't long into the journey that Lydia already had acquired two stamps!

Our traditional "Woo Hoo Let's roll and get this party started" pic.

 We also had special hat's for Lauren to wear throughout the weekend.
Here was her first beauty....
(the funny thing is my mom actually loved this for reals when she saw it. lol)
Poor Lauren actually wore this one into Starbucks.  She's such a good sport.

Then we introduced her to Little Miss Lauren.
All you instagram buddies saw all of her adventures from that weekend...
Whenever we traveled by car, she took her rightful position on the dashboard.
You shoulda seen her little head bobbing to the music.

She popped up in some crazy places...

We discovered Little Miss Lauren liked Target as much as the real Lauren.

 On our way to our destination we stopped for pics on the Louisiana boot.
We've been taking pics here since the girls were little.  ~sigh
Oh...and I forgot to mention Nate Dog got to hang out with us on the trip.
One of the perks of being go where momma goes.

This was so sad...missed our favorite store by 15 minutes!!!
They were closed on Sunday when we drove back through :(
(If you ever see one of these stores....GO!  Their jewelry prices are phenomenal!)

Super stoked in this pic....about to see the Avengers!!

Let's hear it for the great grandparents and nursing momma of an 8 month old for going to the 11:30 pm show!!!  Woo hoo!  They hung in there all the way to 3am when we got finally got home!
(this was opening night when we saw it and the line went on for mile.. so  a big thanks to guy who gave us his seat on  a bench for Elizabeth to sit with our gigantic baby....chivalry lives on folks!)

 And the movie was amazing by the way.

And after getting in bed around 3:30am we wake up to this delicious breakfast..
My mom is the bomb y'all.  The best!

And here is Lauren's next hat she had to wear. :)

Nate thought her hat was pretty rad.

"NO wedding talk all weekend" update:
Surprisingly, we were all doing good.  I think I scared them to death with what the loser had to do. hehe. Lydia is in the lead, then me and then my mom.  Lauren had no problem with this challenge.

It's trips like these when I could kick myself in the butt for trading in the minivan for a car.
Three grown folks  AND a car seat back there.    Bless them.

We surprised Lauren with lunch at Cheddars.  So yummy.
We gave my momma a refresher course on iPhone 101 over lunch..
She was a happy camper.

The we headed off to the biggie of the weekend.
You see when we go to Shreveport, it's to stay at my moms but this trip we surprised her with a staying in a hotel right on the boardwalk!!  She was totally surprised!

Before we hit the boardwalk we had a few things planned..
Here's her next party hat...

Time for a little pampering and relaxation!  So we slipped our pj's on in the middle of the day and indulged ourselves.  (Well we did.... Lydia worked her booty off )

My momma had her own little party with her new heel scraper thingy that was in her goody bag.
I can't tell you how excited those things make her.  She gets giddy. lol.

Little Momma and Nate Dog had their own kind of party.  Pretty awesome.

After all that,  it was time to step outside the front door of our accommodations and start shopping on the Boardwalk. In Lauren's word's..."Gosh, I feel so wealthy".
It was fun to pretend for a day this is how we normally roll.

 Nate Dog chillin in his ride.

 Then we settled in for the night with a little pool time..

some sister hot tubbin

  And some MAJOR indulgence from Copelands Cheesecake Bistro.

We were like vultures y'all. lol

Then it was time for Maw Maw Loni's Prince Charming to come pick her up.
(she didn't get to spend the night... I know. Boo.)
So we had to count up the stamps to see who the loser was.

And the prize goes to.......

I don't know if I was just tired or in a merciful mood cuz I deviated from the original plan....she was supposed to put her bridal veil on and skip through the lobby singing "I'm going to the chapel and I'm gonna get married" but instead, I let her just walk her maw maw down through the lobby in pj's with the veil on. She still got a lot of looks.  :) hee hee.

We said our goodbyes to Loni...

Packed up the next day and headed home.
They all slept while I drove. Dislike.  I couldn't crank up my jams cuz Nate Dog was snoozing.

But hitting Starback's happy hour was the perfect ending to a perfect trip.

I think the graduate loved it.
Fun times:)

Hope y'all have a happy weekend.
Mine won't be quite as eventful as this one was.
Except for the fact that Blakey-Poo' s baseball team is playing for the State Championship tomorrow!!
He's a humble guy and would never say this...but he's kinda a big deal on the team.
He pitched a no-hitter a couple of weeks ago and then pitched one where they only got off 1 hit.
 Hoping for a BIG win tomorrow!!

Stephanie :)


  1. the wedding is sooooo close!!! I cant waiiittt to see pictures!!! :)

  2. That sounds like such a fun girls trip! I wish my mom and sister did that kind of stuff.

    Lauren's graduation dress is beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. This is beyond awesome!
    What a great trip! Your girls are beautiful and your family traditions are too good!
    Loved reading through this post!!

    Excited to see the wedding pictures too!

  4. I love everything about this post. What wonderful memories you all made for Lauren. Im sure she will treasure that time for all eternity.

  5. What an awesome trip! A great way to make such a huge milestone even more memorable. You're such a great Mama!

  6. ADOPT ME!!

    you are the coolest daughter/mother/grandmother. COOLEST.

    i rejoice with you and for you in the memories you all made together.

  7. LOL after I read this I had the same thought as ^ Denise!! Can you adopt me too?!?! :)

    You are awesome lady...just plain awesome!

    We have a Nate too! My 3rd baby boy :)

  8. That was so much fun and I wasn't even there! Wow! You have SUCH good ideas! I need to know what was in those goody bags.

  9. Wow! That all sounded absolutely amazing and perfect! What a sweet momma for doing all that for your girls!

  10. yay!! such beautiful people and exciting times :]

  11. Oh my word! Seriously, can you adopt me? You girl have the most fun! I love the creativity you put behind this weekend and all the BIG SMILES! :)
    So happy that Lauren got her time to shine. I heart you Honey! :) xoxoxoxoxo

  12. What a fun trip, and to make it so special for the grad!!! P.S. she sure looks like her mama. Have a peaceful weekend.

  13. this is so fun!
    you truly inspire me to be a more fun mama...for reals.
    and i giggled SO MANY TIMES at little lauren!
    loved following that on IG!
    happy sunday! :)

  14. You guys are so much fun and an awesome example of how a family should support and celebrate each other! Looks like a blast was had by all, I especially love the little miss lauren :)

  15. You are such a good mom! Little Miss Lauren cracked me up on instagram and I love the stamp idea. What a special time for all of you. xoxo

  16. oh friend! I am taking notes!!! Love these fun ideas and your no wedding talk :) !!

    congrats to your grad!!!

  17. Your family makes me HAPPY! You guys have so much fun together. I seriously think you should write a book on how to have such a loving family relationship. Well, I guess your blog is actually even better! This way we get pictures!!! :0)

  18. I so always look forward to seeing your joyful posts! I grin like a goober every time I read what you guys are up to!

  19. So glad I found your blog today (via Call me Blessed.)
    #1. Your daughters are GORGEOUS!
    #2. My 8 month old daughter is about the same size as baby Nate. She's a solid baby, like her daddy! Except, he's not a baby anymore. =)
    #3. I LOVE what you've got goin on here. Such an awesome blog! Definitely a breath of fresh air.


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