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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Countdown

As of today, the wedding is officially one month away.
This time next month we will be watching our daughter leave our home to begin her new life with the man of her dreams and the one we prayed for through the years.
That's all can say about that today...
The words just aren't there yet to share all the emotions that are bubbling around.
I tend to keep a lid on stuff like this and keep it pushed down inside.
It will seep out soon enough.
the joy.  the bitter sweetness.  the gratefulness  

I've yet to share any of their engagement pictures with y'all so
 I thought in honor of  "the countdown" I'd do that today.
But we are counting down so much more than just the days left we have to get all the projects finished. And so much more than just counting down to the day that Lydia has dreamed of since she was a little girl....  So much more than counting down to one day...
No, we are counting down the days to her beginning.
We are counting down to the start of a new lifetime.

(First, before we get to the engagement session photos, these are from the very day she got engaged way back in November on Thanksgiving Day... so appropriate.)

My momma running her over with excitement.  love this scene.

 Showing off her ring....notice Marcus.  I'm not sure if he's relieved or more like "what have I gotten myself into?" in this picture.  lol

And my favorite....
Her Daddy checking out the ring.
So much could be said about what's going on in this picture.

Now....onto the engagement pics.
These were all taken by April and Paul
They are a husband and wife team and they will rock your world with their talent...


And yes...he really was playing the banjo in all these pics... and singing from what I've been told.
I think happy people do stuff like that.

Stephanie :)


  1. Happy people DO do stugg like that!
    They are the the best!!
    Yay Lydia & Markus - and mama Stephanie and papa Nick!
    So cool Xxx

  2. I think the last one is my favorite. One month to exciting!!!!

  3. So, so beautiful. And that one of her daddy looking at her ring? That one made me tear up.

  4. oh my soul!
    i just burst out in tears over that daddy daughter photo. precious.
    and the rest of the pictures are absolutely perfect.
    i can't even imagine the emotions you are experiencing right now.
    it makes me so happy, sad, excited for you.
    i know that you have INVESTED in your children and given them the Solid Rock as their firm foundation{praise GOD!}, but it's still hard, i'm sure.
    love ya girl.
    i'll be praying for you!

  5. so pretty!! i love the thanksgiving pics too :]

  6. oh gosh, I don't know why but my throat got all tight and tears swelled up while looking at these pictures. I think it's from the wisdom you passed onto me about raising daughters... I see such a beautiful happy woman in these pictures knowing that at one point she was a silly 9 year old like my daughter is now. This is my prayer; that my daughter has a man that will love her, protect her, love Christ, and that their life will be FULL of fun times!

  7. how beautiful!! they are such a sweet couple. i know you're so proud!! and your daughter looks so much like you. definitely has your smile! praying for you for these last few weeks. :) lora

  8. so sweet. absolutely gorgeous pictures! That one of her and her daddy almost made me cry. sweet daddy's!

  9. lovely. every photo.

    delighted for you, stephanie... for the fullness, and that God lavishes such blessing on you and your children.

    causes me to HOPE FORWARD!

    may God continue to be glorified through you, and through your children, and through your children's children in Christ Jesus! (i know he will be).

  10. What beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you shared these with us! You guys have such great taste and it looks like M and L will be really happy together :)

  11. So beautiful! I can feel the love! ;0)

  12. those really are some stunning photos!!

    aggghhh getting so excited for you friend!!!!!

  13. So unbelievably gorgeous!!!! Of course the photographers had some pretty beautiful subjects to work with ;) I'm sure those photos will be treasured by the two of them for many years to come. Here's to a lifetime of happiness for them!!!

  14. I just can't imagine the day that my daughter is in the arms of a the man she will marry! WOW, what beautiful, endearing photos too, all of them, gorgeous, what a full life Stephanie, looking so forward to following along!

  15. These pictures are so amazing! What a blessing to see a young couple about to start their lives together with such joy and expectation. Praying for them {and you}.

  16. Just Beautiful! June 23rd is a fabulous day for a's my birthday. :)
    Best Wishes Lydia & Marcus and may God always shower you with his blessings!!!


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