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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dear March,

Wow!  You were sure in a hurry!
Seems like you were just here and then you disappeared!
Well, even though you were fast and furious,  and you brought with you a severe stomach bug and sinus infection that wiped out me and most of my family,  you also  brought with you some fun times and great memories and for that I am forever grateful Mr. March. 
But next year when you come back to visit, will you slow down and stay a little longer?
Oh, and on your way out can you mention to April to keep things in slow motion...I have a lot to do this month and really need it to last. 
K.  Thanks!


Day 1: Up...trying to get Lydia up and ready to work on wedding projects. 
Day 2: Fruit...  what I hope can always be said of me.
Day 3: My neighborhood...some of the neighbors the grand kids always wants to visit when they're here.
Day 4: My bedside..  My five year one line a day journal given.  One day the girls will get to  read what          goes on up in this head and heart of mine.  #scary

Day 5: a smile...and a mischievous one at that.  Meet Mr. Josiah, my nephew and Lydia's ring bearer.
Day 6:  5:00pm
Day 7: something I ice pack on my back from mopping the entire house. "Ole Blue" to the rescue.
Day 8:  window.. our church at night.  Love this beautiful building but I love the people inside way more.

Day 9:  red.. a sneak peak from Lydia and Marcus's engagement pictures
Day 10:  loud.. my giggling grand daughters playing ring around the rosies.
Day 11: someone I talked to.. the love of my life who came home from a week long revival.  
Day 12:  fork.. used while eating lunch with my best friend at our favorite Chinese restaurant. 

Day13:  sign.. this hangs above my kitchen window.  May it always be true.
Day 14: clouds... snapped this on my walk across the yard to church.
Day 15:  car... in the car heading to see the grand kids!  whoop whoop!
Day 16:  sunglasses... hers are way cuter than mine.

Day 17: green... so thankful Jesus invaded my life almost 15 years ago!
Day 18: corner of my house...yeah, that is a gun.
Day 19:  funny....these four are always cracking me up.
Day 20: before and after....about 30 minutes after we said the blessing.

Day 21:, I'm not at a wedding or fancy schmancy event.  I'm in SAM's y'all!!  This is a sample!  This sample lady rocked!!
Day 22: my sink....ughh.
Day 23: moon....I love these three to the moon and back.
Day 24: niece with her chicken, Francecsa and Earl the squirrel.

Day 25: key.... this hangs in my laundry room.
Day 26: my name.....trying to choose font for invitations.
Day 27: breakfast.... i skipped it....literally.
Day 28: trash.... this pile is unusually small and devoid of color.
Day 29: my feet

Day 30: toy.... my favorite little wind up momma chick that I have had for years.  It stays in my laundry  room window and reminds me of me with my three little chicks  who no longer trail behind me. 
Day 31: where I relax... in this chair in these pajamas.  Oh yeah.

Well there ya have it folks.
So long March.
Hello April.

Stephanie :)


  1. I always love seeing your pics. I super duper love the momma duck and her chicks! I can't believe it's April, I better get goin on my pictures ;) xoxo

  2. Seriously where did March go? Love the photos of your church!

  3. Love all of your photos! Looks like you have a richly blessed life :)

    Your church photo is stained glass!

  4. This is great! I need to start doing this too!

  5. Love them all! Your pics are always so colorful and you can tell you have a lot of love in your life :)

  6. i love all of your photos, as usual! :)
    happy day!

  7. Can I come be a part of your family?! Please?


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