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Saturday, April 14, 2012

the egg hunt

How are y'all?!  
I took a sabbatical from social media while my daughter and grandkids were visiting so that I could soak up every second with them.  Whew....did we have us some fun!!  I want to thank each and every one of y'all for all the comments and emails that you have sent this last week that I have not been able to respond to yet!  I am hoping to catch up with them SOON. 
I appreciate y'all so much.

I  promised y'all a post on our egg hunt and here it is in all it's glory! 
 We don't normally do egg fact, I can't even remember the last one we had one with them.  I guess it was when their grandma still lived in Tennessee and they were all 7 yrs old and under!  Wow. Time flies!

As I was pondering that this would be Lydia's last Easter morning here at our house...I decided to make it a memorable one.  I normally do them a basket with candy....(my girls love them some candy now)  but this year we are all trying to lose weight for the wedding. 
 So they got this instead....
I could tell they were a little disappointed but they never said a word about not having a basket full of goodies....little did they know of the surprise that awaited them later!

What you are about to view is proof of why Easter egg hunts are intended for small children.
Their behavior is not becoming....and wow
...did we learn a lot about our future son-n-law!!

 The Participates:




And Blake.
Here he is on his way to get an egg he spotted when his bag spilled.

And that's when The Egg Bandit saw his opportunity...

This picture was taken seconds before Blake threw Marcus's flip flop across the yard.

 We should have known Marcus was gonna play dirty when this took place 3 seconds after the hunt started...


(I will say in Marcus's defense, he returned the said egg that was stolen....but only because the entire crime was caught on video!)

 Right about this time, Nick hollered out some hints on where an egg was hidden right where Lauren was looking and this is what Marcus does....
 I don't know if an egg was ever even found during this squabble.

This was one that they missed over and over again.  
It was quite entertaining for us spectators.

Here is another egg that was fun to watch them pass up over and over again....even with the "you're getting're getting're on fire!" hints, they still had a hard time with this one. hee hee.

The "grand finale"... 
This little scuffle was hard to watch. 
 Lydia dropped an egg and I thought Marcus and Lauren were gonna kill each other to get to it first.
Poor Maw Maw Dianne was scared for her life.

They actually survived the hunt without bodily harm and 
here they are checking out to see who the winner was.

 And that would be.....

Although... Lauren did find the big bucks in her egg so technically she's a winner too!

All in all, I think they were ok with not getting baskets this year.
Here they are decked out with all their egg loot :)

Now as if that wasn't enough, we actually caught some of the madness on video.
You don't want to miss this
so make sure your speakers are on and sit back and enjoy.

Lauren announced she wanted to make this a new tradition but I don't think we can continue once they all have children.  We'd have to hide the kids inside until it was over! lol

Stephanie :)


  1. Mrs. Stephanie,
    I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed this video. My mom decided that baskets were a bit much this year for the 25 year old daughter and 25 year old son-in-law. We were blessed to receive our non traditional goodies and were entertained watching kaley an kristen suffer as they had difficulty finding their baskets in my parents' back yard early Easter morning. We miss the egg hunts and share a competitive nature much like what I just witnessed in this video. I would say that the Hull/Owen clan should challenge the Holden clan.... But it may be way to dangerous :)
    Have a great weekend !

  2. LOVE. my baby sister organized hunts for us big kids, and spouses.
    she used ladders to hide in trees! and my wild brothers climbed each other to reach them, too. nothing like screaming, giggling, running wild adults knocking each other over for plastic sis always hid a "golden" egg...big egg tin foil wrapped lol with cash inside...and a dunce egg...same look as the money egg except it only had a note inside that always said "sorry sucka!" or something equally disappointing.

    this post makes me REALLY wanna get down there and play with y'all!


  3. How FUN!!!! Why not continue the egg hunt tradition as adults?!? :)

  4. That was so awesome!! I had fun reading about it!!

  5. Your family is hilarious! It looks like your kiddos had a blast, and I'm sure you had just as much fun watching. What a show!

  6. HOW fun and what a HOOT I love it Stephanie, again wonderful family !!!

  7. Marcus! I'm shocked! Looks like so much fun!!!

  8. Stephanie, we had a similiar experience Easter Sunday. We had lunch at the Marks' home and an egg hunt for the little girls. Sherilyn, Laurie, Natalie and Justin hid the eggs and the little girls hunted. While they hunted, JOSHUA hunted also and stole candy out of the them...throwing empty eggs back on the ground! (LOL). Then Linda had the great idea to hide a $10 bill in an egg for the couples to hunt. They hunted high and low...but to no avail. She finally hid two more eggs with clues in them. Laurie and Joshua found one clue egg. When approached by Justin for the clue....they shook their heads NO and took off running. When Justin and Natalie found a clue egg, they were approached by L&J who now wanted to exchange information. Haha...they were told NO by N&J. Finally a meeting is held by Linda and the clues are read aloud and a verbal clue is given. They are searching high and low when one of them wonders about a hole in the ground. It is finally confirmed that this is the hiding place....but, alas, no egg is there. Apparently it had rolled deep into the ground! LOL! Jon and Sherilyn call it quits at this point and decide that the animal living there can have it. Only Justin perseveres, grabbing a shovel and digging up his parents yard for the $10! (Okay....I am exaggerating a bit on digging up the yard...but he DID get a shovel and he DID dig up the egg!). All in all...they had a great time! And...just for the record... I am SHOCKED at Mr. Marcus' behavior! hahahahaaha.

  9. What fun! This post made me smile and laugh. Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Oh my word Honey! That is the BEST post! I just love all the action, and the video, hahahaha! It looks like you all had a blast! I think you should make this a tradition, but definitely hide the kids! Haha!

  11. hysterical, girlfriend!
    loved every bit! :)

  12. This is still making me laugh. Thanks for sharing. I know many who would be just as competitive, including myself. Hope you do it again next year to see if the mania subsides.

  13. Somehow I missed this post...oh my gosh how funny! I always think how much fun you guys are, it would be so cool to have out with you all :) What an awesome way to preserve some of the childlike fun of Easter!

  14. OH my.....LOL! Lucky someone didn't break something. Reminds me of my sisters and I! We are still competitive at 37, 35 & 32. I married a super competitive football jock, coach & all around stud-muffin, needless to say we compete at Wheel of Fortune! Pathetic, I know but fun! How are the wedding plans coming along? Think about you, check the blog and pray for you & yours often! Blessings, Hattie


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