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Monday, April 9, 2012

My Cup Overfloweth

This wonderful Easter weekend was overflowing with  blessings.
Here is just a touch of all the goodness that took place.

...Sunrise Services

Wearing my necklace that Nick gave to me on my 16th birthday.

The annual Holden Easter Picture..
(we will be down to 3 next year!)

Easter frocks and toes.

The apples of my eye.

My girls.



The apple of Lauren's eye.

I sneaked a quick pic during church....
I'm so glad I did to catch this sweet moment.
So thankful for what the cross has done for my family.
Thank you Jesus!

The apple of Lydia's eye.

Possibly one of my all time favorite pictures ever of my brother!
Such a cutie.  I love all three of these men.

An easter egg hunt that deserves a post entirely of its own. 
Details coming soon...

And my granddaughter's first time to sing in church.
I wasn't there but I'm so thankful for these pics.

Elizabeth and the kids are on their way as I write this...
They will be here all week and I can't wait to read this new book I found for them.
Here I am buying stuff like this to help in keeping the grandkids grounded
 in Truth when it comes to what Easter is all about.....

.....And then I get a text with this video.
This is the kind of stuff my son-n-law does on Saturday mornings when he's hanging out with the kids while Elizabeth hits a few garage sales.
Who needs a book when you got a Daddy on top of things like this!

Happy Monday y'all.
I gotta go!.....the grand babies are here!!  Woo hoo!



  1. Beautiful family. My little boy's name is Holden. :)

  2. Have a fun week making sweet memories with those grandbabies!

  3. god is mighty good! enjoy your darling little ones this week xox

  4. yay!!! have a wonderful time with those jewels! xoxo
    love the pics of your BEAUTIFUL family! :)

  5. Love all the dresses pretty girls!! Hope you had a great Easter!!

  6. Oh you are so right your cup does overflow doesn't it! And you never answered me, can I come be part of your family? LOL

    that picture you caught in the pew...(is that your son) HOW BEAUTIFUL is that shot...

    beautifulness all around! And btw, I think it's too adorbs that your hubby is following me on Instagram, and you've known him since you were 16!!?? I've got to read your guys story! wow, how cool stephanie!

  7. beautiful pictures. what a wonderful weekend.

  8. your cup does runneth over! beautiful.

  9. fun easter pics! love the one in the church. He is risen!

  10. Annnd the best hair award goes to...YOU GALS!! LOVE the pictures my friend!

    Also, Check this out...I showed you some love!


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