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Friday, April 20, 2012

Everyday Gratitude ~ the extra gooey kind!

Momma Mia!  Where did the time go?!
I promised y'all I wouldn't dump 4 weeks worth of pics on you all at once again
but here I am doing that very thing!!
I promise it wasn't intentional!
I just can't keep up with how fast time is flying by in our family at the moment.
What is faster than warp speed?  
Superman flying faster than a speeding bullet?
Speedy Gonzales running around yelling "Arriba! Arriba!  Andale!  Andale!"
Whatever it is happening in our neck of the woods.
For reals.

As I uploaded these pics and was looking over them,  my heart was so full...overflowing! 
 Like the kind of overflowing that takes place when you microwave too much oatmeal in a bowl that's too small...It just kind of explodes and then oozes out everywhere.
Well that's me at the moment... with all that's going on with weddings and graduations, I've had a few emotional moments of boiling over and exploding...some out of stress, some out of momma emotions of all the change that is taking place.  But somehow the Lord has always managed to speak to my heart and help me focus on all the good stuff He is doing in the midst of the chaos.  I'm pretty sure people are praying for me!  Otherwise, my faithful friend named Mrs. Fever Blister would have already popped in for a visit like she always does when things get this stressful  busy in my life.  
So, I m basking in all that He is doing for me lately...and it's a lot.
Like the gooey overflowed oatmeal that gets on everything and doesn't wipe off easily...
that's what I hope my gratitude looks like to the Lord.
Gooey goodness that sticks to everything.
Weeks 13-16
 Day 85: for sunny Sundays and fresh cut grass.

 Day 86: for afternoon rides on the four wheeler.

 Day 87: for fancy new fonts.

Day 88:  for having my favorite Christian singer/songwriter of all times "like" one of my hymn necklaces in my shop.  This blessed my socks off :)

Day 89: for sweet buttons in my mailbox.
Day 90: for a few moments on my back porch swing listening to the rain.
Day 91: for getting to hang out with my sis-n-law :)
Day 92: for cute shoes from a sweet daughter.

Day 93: for happy mail full of Easter goodies from my momma. :)
Day 94:  for vintage finds that are EXACTLY what you were looking  for!  Woo too!
Day 95: for my church family...grateful indeed for the group of folks the Lord has connected us to.
Day 96: for discovering pleasant surprises while working on my taxes.

Day 97: for being ridiculously happy and relieved that I'm finished with my taxes!
Day 98: for finally being able to sit at my table again.
Day 99: for God's grace in my family.
Day 100: for reading stories about Jesus to my grandchildren.

Day 101: for backyard shenanigans with this girl.
Day 102:  for having all three of my girls together this week and the giggling that has taken place.
Day 103:  for a visit from the girls adopted grandparents who got to meet their "great grandkids" today.
Day 104:  for a lovely shower for a certain bride I happen to be very fond of!

Day 105:  for this moment.

Day 106: for the privilege of getting to serve the Lord along side this man.
Day 107: for walking into church and finding this  sitting on the pew.

Day 108: for getting to know this special family this week during the revival and seeing how they are cultivating a genuine heart of worship in their children.
Day 109:  for Blake and Lauren getting to join us in revival tonight.  I miss the days of all three girls traveling with us in our ministry but I am so blessed when they do get to come.
Day 110:  for amazing friend who are willing to do what it takes even 1 1/2 hours away to help me find the "perfect" mother of the bride dress!  I texted with the size and style (cuz they didn't have it where I lived) and she texted me this pic 10 minutes later!!!  There ain't no mission impossible for this woman!!

And guess what?!....I'm gonna tell you in advance what I'm thankful for today...
My momma is coming!  I get to see her today and hug her and take in her wonderful smell that I miss so much.  I anticipate lots of gut busting laughter tonight...cuz that is what always happens when she's around! I can hardly wait!
Stephanie :)


  1. Aren't mom's great! I've been so blessed to have a very good relationship with my mom. I've also been blessed to have her live just minutes away. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your momma!

  2. Today must be the day for visiting with Mamma's!!! Mine is coming to visit this afternoon as well...I get to cook up some good Nachos for her...she loves my cooking too!

  3. Love all these, have a fabulous time with your mom! Happy weekend!

  4. These gratitude posts make me so happy! I get that giddy feel good inside kinda feeling each time! Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face. Your gratefulness spreads!

  5. well, i love you.
    this is certainly a delightful list!

    enjoy your mama, y'all have SO much fun! xo

  6. What a happy list :) have tons of fun with your mama!!!!

  7. whoa!
    this IS oozing with gratefulness and LOVE!
    i can even feel it, girlfriend!
    have an AMAZING time with your mama!


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