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Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting er done..

I been kinda tied up around here.
Here's why...
Yeah, I know. Uggh.

 Procrastination and disorganization  is not a good combo. Nope. Sure aint. 
But... by the time y'all read this, I should be just about done and on the way to our accountant.
I may just have to do a little jig in the living room to celebrate!

On  a much nicer note, 
 I am guest posting for my friend Rachel over at her sweet blog, 

 She has been a joy to get to know and I'm just tickled the Lord saw fit to
connect us in this big ole bloggie land we're in!
I'm sharing a favorite recipe of mine you might want to go check out.
It involves peppers and crawfish.

Oh....and she is doing her very first giveaway!  It just happens to be a "Fill my Cup" Necklace from my Honey Pot shop that she purchased for one of her followers!
So head on over there, give Rachel some love,  say Hi and get yo name in the pot!

Happy Friday!

Stephanie :)


  1. taxes. pretty sure i have heartburn even thinking about them.
    hope you can celebrate soon ;)
    off to read at rachel's! xo

  2. This too shall pass... and then come around again!

    Happy Easter!

  3. We actually for the first time in our married life did them early! Ugh it's such a relief when they are done.

  4. You must take after your mother (he-he) Good luck and have a Blessed Easter!


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