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Friday, March 30, 2012


I've been doing a lot of designing, glazing, gluing, cutting, 
sewing and packaging around my house this week. 
What I haven't been doing a lot of this week is cooking, cleaning, laundry, 
wearing make-up and paying attention to what day of the month it is. 
I've managed somehow to think this week was not til next week ( I know...weird) and
 because of my brain overload, Lauren missed out on a few of her senior events. 
 Not good.
Fortunately for me, she is a very forgiving and understanding young lady. 
And I'm so thankful for grace when I foul it up as a momma.

I did manage a few snaps of this and that in the midst of the chaos.

Here I am gettin my hair did. (last week)
Lauren is not my "beauty operator" but she happened to pop in while I was there, and my girl, Amber, let her get some practice in under her careful eye.   Even though Lauren has been doing hair for some time now, she's going to school in the fall to make it all official and stuff.

Here's some sneak peaks Elizabeth sent me from a little photo shoot she did with the kids.
I can't wait to see the actual pics when she gets them edited!
Love what I see already!

Me and Lydia last weekend...
We make the exact same faces and expressions. It's really weird and pleasant all at the same time.
More weird for Lydia.   More pleasant for me.

A text from Lydia...
We started the annual packing up of our winter clothes to make room in our closets for our summer clothes and it dawned on Lydia there was no need to pack her winter coats away because next winter she won't be here.  Yeah, it was a sad moment for both us of.  
She brought them to Marcus's and hung them up over there.
....and so it begins.

My man, the Turkey Thug,  brought home supper on Tuesday.
This was that morning....

This was that evening.

I did slap a little makeup on once this week but didn't get around to fixing my hair so it ended up in braids. My go to "do" when my hair needs washing.

Lydia got her custom made wedding band for Marcus today in the mail and she
 immediately instagrammed it.

.....and I instagrammed her instagramming  :)

And I got some happy mail too!
I love this vintage fabric and buttons :)
There are so many possibilities!
Hmmm... what to do? What to do? 

I hope y'all have a happy Friday!


ps. don't forget to go sign up for {this give away} over at my friend Sarah's!
I'd love to send YOU the  Hymn necklace :)


  1. I just love your sweetness. Your girls are so blessed to have you as there mama. I know you feel the same about being their mama. : )

  2. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog on etsy! I've been reading some of your recent posts...looks like you have soo much fun over there :)

    What a cool ring!!

  3. Oooooooohhhh I love those fabrics so muuuuch. And that deep fried turkey too!

  4. That ring is so awesome!! Love keeping up with your sweet posts over here! you get involved in that turkey business? (like the feathers and cutting?!!)
    Colleen :)

  5. love the fabric! my sister is going to beauty school i the fall... I can't wait!!!

  6. this post makes me happy! you have such a beautiful life. :)


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