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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I love Wednesday

Free stuff!!
I do love me some freebies!
Don't y'all like it to?
Here is just a few freebies and cute ideas I've had my eyes on lately.
Hope you enjoy...

Paper Dolls!!
I loved these as a little girl!  And I had this exact book of paper dolls of the Gingham's about their visit to their Grandma's house.
 I can't believe I already have little granddaughters who can come visit and I'm the grandma!  Life is happening at warp speed!
Hope you enjoy can print the entire book at this site!

I love these "super shopper"free printable stickers at
She shares on her blog about how challenging it is to take her 4 kiddie poos with her to run errands and she came up with this idea.   She lets them pick out their job before they leave and gives them a sticker to wear while shopping.  I think it's brilliant.  My little grand daughter, whose 3, loves responsibility....she takes her job's seriously, I tell you.  And her little sis likes to copy anything she I'm thinking this could be a life saver for a mom of little people. 

 There isn't one thing I DON"T like over at the decorated cookie!!
 Everything is adorable, fun and EDIBLE!!
I thought these little lambs were cute with Easter on it's way...

And my  sweet and talented friend Kellie at Nest of Posies has this awesome tutorial for this trendy little woven chain bracelet that she made for a whopping....$5.75!

Just look how cute and sassy it looks on her!
(i'm loving her nail polish too!)

She also has this beautiful free printable Easter printable that you will most definitely want to have!

And last but not least...the mother load of ALL free printable sites....
Cue the angels singing........
Have y'all been to Everything Etsy yet?

This one link has a link to 101 AMAZING free pintables!
And not only this one....she has one for every season and every category you can think of!
So run as fast as your little fingers can type and go check out all of the awesomeness over there!!

Oh...And I'm over at my friend Sarah's today doing a giveaway on her blog,
Racing Towards Joy.
Go check it out and tell her hi for me.
 She's had a rough few week lately with illness in her family and  I know some
 lovin from you would make her day :)
I'm giving away one of my Hymn Necklaces!


Well...I hope you enjoyed some of the freebies!
I'll be sure to share some more again soon :)

Stephanie :)



  1. I love all of your "loves!" It's a great list. I can't wait to print out the dolls and the job badges.

  2. lovely! amazing grace is captivating to me...i cry every single time i hear it.

  3. Such gorgeous choices. Isn't that bracelet that Kellie made adorable. I'm so in love with the colors for spring!

  4. I love your hymn necklaces. What a beautiful idea!

  5. i'm in LOVE with the hymn necklaces. IN LOVE!

    and with you as a grandma. you rock.


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