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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Everyday Gratitude Week 12

 Week 12!
Can you believe we are already finished with twelve weeks of 2012!!
I anticipated that it was gonna fly by for me because I am so task/event oriented.
Does time fly for y'all too when you have something you're anticipating and looking forward too?
....You can't wait for it to get here and then..wham!  It's here.
Then it's on to the next thing ...
These last two months brought several out of town revivals to plan, pack and prepare for.
We still have a few more coming up that we are excited about.
We have graduation events, graduation parties, graduation,  several wedding showers mixed in there and then the wedding. I feel if I'm not careful, life is just gonna zing by me in a blur with all the activity.

I'm trying y'all....really trying to slow down and breathe and not look so much at the calendar.
I want to enjoy each event... each moment...and take it all in and live there as if it's the only day I have left.
Blocking out the next thing I have to do (in a responsible kind of way)  is hard for me but I'm asking the Prince of Peace to help me with this.  You can pray for me too if you think about it.  I'd be so grateful!

With all that said..... 
Here is this past weeks little things that made me choose gratitude.

Day 78: This kiss.

Day 79: These four people.

Day 80: This flower picked by {this big brother}

Day 81: The man who plays with this hair! Yikes.

Day 82: Getting to see {this movie} with these people.

Day 83: Getting handed this sample in SAM's .

Day 84: Getting to visit and catch up with these people.

So how about you?
 "Are you humbly grateful or grumbly hateful?  What's your attitude?
Do you grumble and groan, mumble and moan or are ya grateful for what God's done for you?"
(does anybody know that song?!)

Stephanie :)


  1. I am grateful for posts like this that bring a smile to my face :) praying for the prince of peace to help you!

  2. Grateful for a steady and faithful God in the middle of this crazy life!

  3. I will totally pray for you, sweetie,
    I know that busy feeling all too well, and I definitely don't want things to be a blur, either. Savor every moment!
    Our life is truly but a vapor that appeareth for a time and vanisheth away!
    I think I need to learn that song! :)
    Here's to a busy, but blessed week!

  4. I know that song!! It's from the musical "Down by the Creekbank." I choose to be grateful!

  5. i need to ditch costco for sams! what a sample.

    i want to move next door to you, and watch jesus illuminate from your life. see how wifehood and motherhood and grandmahood are lived in christ in the season that is ahead of the one i am currently in.

    thank God for blogville, and for this glimpse here at the honeypot! it's sweet.

  6. I do know that song...we sang it in VBS last year with our kids:)

    um, i may have "misplaced" that cd..


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