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Friday, March 23, 2012

Insta-Friday Hunger Games Edition

Beings I've been sick most of this week, I haven't snapped a bunch of pics....until last night that is.
At midnight when normal people above the age of 40 are all tucked in their beds dreaming,
I was in a jammed packed hot humid movie theater with surrounded by a bunch of teenagers about to squeeze Nick's hand off with excitement.
I now get to scratch attending a midnight premiere off my bucket list!

 Standing in line, I thought me and Nick were two of the only people above the age 24 but after getting in the theater and sitting down for the hour and half wait, I began to see all the other older folks congregated in the back of the theater where I like to sit.  Mostly moms and a few dads of 14 year olds years who had caved in to all the begging and reasoning of why it would be ok for them to be out until 3am on a school night.  Upon talking to several of these moms, most of them had not even read the books.  I didn't bother to tell some of them, I was just a big a fan as their kids  and that I came on my own choosing!

And the best part is my sweet husband who is SO not into all they hype came too!!  Those of y'all that know him personally can appreciate his sacrifice.  He is such an awesome daddy and good sport!

Here is the crew.  
We were in the somewhat front of the line where it curved in front of the police sub station we have in our mall.....  I wish we had taken it from the other side so you could have seen the massive line of craziness we were a part of!

 And to kill time we practiced our "game faces". Ha.
I had put this one on fb and a guy that is the same age as our oldest daughter commented that Bro Nick still makes him nervous! lol.  I actually thought my face was most convincing...I was going for the "I'm a little crazy and I'm ok with that"  look.  ha!!    

Well, after door prizes were given  away "reaping style".... which was really fun, the movie FINALLY  started and it was AWESOME from start to finish.  
For all you moms wondering about content.  There wasn't one thing sexual in it.  They actually cut back on the violence...there was more in the book.  But I did count several "D" words in it....I don't know why they had to throw those in.

It's very true to the book.  You fellow book lovers won't be disappointed.
I am loving Effie's wardrobe.  She cracked me up in the movie.
Cinna is cool beans.  I might just have to try out some gold eyeliner now.
Rue is adorable!  I want to take her home with me...and I want her hair.
And of course Katniss, Peeta and Gale do not disappoint!

So what about it?  Are you a fan?
As I drove in the pouring rain, coughing my head off to be in the midst of screaming teenagers doing the wave and chanting "Dis-trict 12" over and over again, I realized I'm either a bonafide fan or crazy. I decided its a little of both.  :)

And because its opening day today of the movie, I'm offering a discount in my {shop}.
In honor of District 12, today only get 12% off anything in my shop.
Just use the code DISTRICT12 when you check out!
woo hoo!

In my best Effie voice....
"Happy Hunger Games
and may the odds be EVAH in your favor."

Stephanie :)

life rearranged


  1. My husband and I are going to see the movie tonight at 7:30, can't wait! I'm fairly sure we'll be in the vast minority (age wise) since we are 31 and 32, and that doesn't even matter to me! Did your husband like the movie? My husband hasn't read the books and is being a good sport by taking ME. Hoping he enjoys it too!!

  2. I'm so jealous that you got to go at midnight I really wanted to!! but were off to see it tonight!! I'm so glad that it stayed true to the book I hate when they change it up a lot!

  3. He's a good sport is all I can say!

  4. We're going to see the movie tomorrow!!!! I am beyond excited!!! And I'm even more excited to hear that the movie follows the book pretty close. And I love all of these pictures!! I can't wait until my little family can do things like this together one day!! :D You all are great!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! I am seeing the movie Sunday, and I can hardly wait now! Awesome review! I totally dig that you went to the midnight showing!

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  7. this is just plain AWESOME! So I'm trying to keep your family straight, are those your two daughters with their hubby's? And I recognize your hubby...
    HOW FUN!!!! I'm so excited to see it, I'm glad the reviews ended up being FAB! I haven't read the books, but will see the movie!!!


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