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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Have you ever been torn about being two places at the same time?
Just wishing there were two of you to do both things?

Be in two places at once

Well that is me today.
My man just drove out the driveway and I wanted to go with him.

 He is heading out again for another revival out of state.

I love being next to his side.
In ministry.
In life.

I know I can pray for him wherever I am.
But its not the same as being there...
where I can read his face and know when to pray more,
 and be with him to meet the people he will be serving while he's there,
 and be together to invest into the lives of the pastor and his sweet family...
all those things plus so much more that the Lord has called me to as Nick's helpmate.

But I am also the momma to these two who are still at home...

And this week they need me too.
To be there for "momma stuff"
for stuff like...
 taking pictures before one heads out the door all dressed up in a floor length gown on her way to a Spring formal with excitement all over her face,
and working on graduation invitations together,
and home school stuff that needs to get done.

And  with the other, designing wedding invitations
and picking out what grade of burlap to order.
and just  being here...present, because she is realizing that her time here at home is soon ending and she is savoring every moment she has with family, as just a girl, as just a daughter,
 in her own house, in her own room 
before she moves out 
and moves on to being a wife.

This is a season.
Soon I will not be torn between the two places to be.
They will have their places next to their men.
Serving along side them.

And I will be able to serve aside my man without having to choose whether to stay or go.
And sometimes, the Lord will bless us with sweet times of fellowship ....
All us girls
And it will always be welcomed 
and treasured
and savored.

So today... as the other half of my heart drives down the road,
I will miss him terribly.
I will pray for him fiercely.
And I will wait for his return impatiently.

And I pray we will have many many more revivals to travel to together and
....that this will be said of us.


  1. Hi Stephanie! I just love your blog! I know exactly what you mean about sending your man off. I do that every Monday when my hubby goes off to work and comes home again on Friday. He works for the survey department in our state and travels all over! It makes our time together that much sweeter doesn't it? God is so very good! You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!

  2. praise jesus for peace. love your heart, stephanie! so encouraging to me. enjoy your girls and i'll be praying for the revival;)

    love you xo

  3. I have to tell you that I LOVE reading your blog. You have such a sweet spirit and PRAISE GOD for you being a praying wife and helpmate! Have a great week with your girls!

  4. It is hard to have to see your loved ones car drive away, but good to know that there is a cord that connects you no matter how far away he is. Your girls are growing so fast and facing many life changes that you will be able to help them navigate. Blessings.

  5. Oh Stephanie, that's tough. Something I have had to do many times too. Loving the pics. I'm saying a prayer for you right now.

  6. You always have the sweetest and most loving heart for your devoted husband and family.

  7. I{heart}YOU and your heart. I admire you so much. Thanks for being such a good example of a Christian Woman.

  8. I say that all the time..." this is just a season we are in." This season with children will pass all too quickly but then God will have a new season for us to enjoy. Praying for you and Nick. Thanks for being such a great example to us "younger women."

  9. this is such a full heart post.
    i adore your desire to serve along side your husband AND spend the precious few moments at home with your daughters.
    it totally encourages me.
    blessings to you, sweet friend.

  10. you inspire me to live in and delight in my present, and to keep fighting in prayer for my future (my children and children's children). THANK YOU!

  11. I get tears in my eyes EVERY.TIME. I read your blog! What's with that?! xxxx


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