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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday {the cake}

 So...I'm gonna try to share elements of Lydia's big day once a week with y'all til I get caught up with all the goodness and move on to Lauren's big day that we are up to our eyeballs with in planning mode!  What do you think of my title?  Wedding Wednesday. 
 Real original huh?     I hope y'all enjoy glimpses of her big day as I share in the weeks ahead...

{the cake}

The cake was super special.  It was made by Lydia's grandmother and myself.
My amazing mother-in-law, Ms. Dianne, baked and decorated it and I made the flowers.
It couldn't have been more perfect for Lydia if we had paid a $1000 dollars for professionals to do it.

Ms. Dianne has a history of baking the wedding cakes for the family. 
Here is Elizabeth's.  I have a funny story involving this cake and the other grandmother and the heavy wrought iron ornamental thing you see behind the cake...
that will be for another time though.
Ain't it pretty!

And she made my cake many many moons ago!
She whipped this baby up in one day.

So needless to say, having Ms Dianne make the cake was a must!
Not only was it special that she did it, I personally haven't tasted a cake yet that i like better than hers.  It's a win win all around! And I know without a doubt no one prays over their cakes like she does.

Here are a few behind the scene pics that Nick took when we went over during the cake making process...

I have that "oh my goodness we only have a few days left and I have SO much still to do" glazed over look! lol

And then here's my "but it's almost over and I think you're gonna pull it off after all" look.

And here is my " ehh. we got this..lets have coffee" look.

Now it's getting serious again.  She must have reminded me of the 1000 things I still had yet to do....

Now it's all good again.  lol.
I'm just kidding...It IS an emotional roller coaster but it wasn't too bad.

Back to the beautimous cake....
Here are the box of goodies I made for the cake.  The fresh flowers that she really loved for the cake were about $15 a piece!  So we opted for plan b...which was me making some to look somewhat like the ones she adored. Lydia picked out her favorite vintage earrings for the centers  and she picked two simple love birds for the top.
I think we paid $1.99 for them at Hobby Lobby. Whoop Whoop!

And here she is again in all her glory.

 A note to anyone wanting to use a wood slice for the cake plate...
When you cut the wood, there will more than likely be teeny little bugs that made their home in the tree.  You have to oil the wood to kill em.
You're welcome.

It's a little hard to read in the pic but Lydia hand painted a sign that said,
"How sweet it is to be loved by you".

(This was one her daddy captured with his phone..but it's one of my faves.)

It was perfect.  No mishaps.  No sliding cake.  No bugs crawling out of the wood.
It was all a bride could have hoped for.

                 **photography by April and Paul Photography.


  1. amazing! and coolest story ever, which makes it even more special.

    it was a beautiful cake!
    my cake was very pink and had that messy frosting look, and stood on a big, heighted silver platter.

    I would have loved a piece of that cake.

  2. It's gorgeous. Those faces are priceless. I know that roller coaster well.
    The only regret I have for my daughter's wedding is a huge one - the photographer. I knew we should have bitten the bullet and hired the great professional, but hind sight is 20/20.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! You ladies are SO talented and your daughters are SOOO lucky to have you!! Absolutely gorgeous!! <3

  4. these has sweetness written all over. LOVE it so much.

  5. GORGEOUS! I cannot believe you and your MIL made it...professionals!

  6. That is just a spectacular cake! I love the topper and the stand-so pretty!

  7. What a beautiful cake and I love your expressions! Great post!

  8. Oh my goodness to it all!! What a special cake & it was beautiful too! I love the set up with the old doors too, I just love that style & it all looked great! Can't wait to see more! ~Stacy

  9. Oh, that cake! Those flowers are stunning. And now I would like a great big spoonful of icing.

  10.! it is stunning job well done ladies!

  11. Gosh that cake is just divine! I think y'all did such a beautiful job on the wedding all round. It was just delightful. Cannot wait to see what you've got up your sleeve for Miss Lauren!

  12. ya'll need to go into a business.


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