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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Holy Moly. I got dressed. {twice}

I've been so enthralled with projects around the house that my outfit of choice has been mostly pajama bottoms and t-shirts.  But I have been inspired by one of my besties....Danielle.  She is a momma with 3 little ones and she has been on fi-ah with getting out the pjs and into cute clothes lately....Go see for yourself .... here and here and here
Well anyways, I thought if she can make the time in the midst of all she has on her plate, I certainly can.
(by the way...she along with two other lovely ladies are hosting a conference called Hope Spoken.  Go check it out!  I will be sharing more about it here tomorrow! I'm supa excited about it!)

And if Danielle in all her glory wasn't inspiring/convicting enough, I come across an instagram post from another friend, Rebecca, looking all cute and spiffy. She also is a mom who runs her own business, Better Life Bags.  Her caption was "Dressing for the day I want to have" and she described it as "the idea is to dress for the day you want to have, and not let the day have you.  When I get dressed each morning I just have a better day."   

So...with that said.  Here I am dressed and feeling cute.
I even still felt cute after I looked at a picture of myself.  Do you know what I'm talking about?....I forget sometimes that I'm 40 pounds heavier than I used to be...and then I see a picture and I'm like who is that person?!

Posing for these things can be awkward so Nick told me to "look unto Jesus" in the pic on the right.  ;)
And while I'm feeling super cute, let's all ignore the obvious root problem I've got going on ok?
I mean, geesh... I just had my hair done like a month ago. Don't be surprised if I pop up totally brunette any day's a coming.
 dress:  walmart
cardi: Target
leggings: Dirt Cheap
Boots: Target (although they showed up at Dirt Cheap for $8 a few weeks after my mom paid full price at target for these at Christmas a couple of years ago.  Ughh)

The color gray just may be taking over the number one spot that black currently held in my closet.

 This is my go to necklace.  I wear it with everything.  It's by Oragami Owl and a dear friend who sells them blessed me with this one.   You can change out all the charms, you can add a back to it so it's not clear...the looks are endless.   I am in the works of writing a post to confess my love for this thing.'s my all time fave.

top: Ross //  jeans: Old Navy via/Dirt Cheap //  boots: Target //   necklace:  Oragami Owl

Well I"ll see ya'll later.
I gotta go dress for the day I want to have....and right now I don't want it to reflect the grungy, gray, worn out, stained up,  14 year old robe that I'm wearing at this very moment.


                                                                                                                     pleated poppy


  1. That dress came from Walmart???? I LOVE it.

    -newest follower

  2. Love that gray top! And seriously, look unto Jesus is going to be my new favorite thing to think of when taking awkward photos :)

  3. Awwww you are so sweet! That Danielle is a BEAUTY! I'm honored to even be mentioned with her!

  4. You are 2 X cute girlie! Love this fun post and I agree with the statement, "dress for the day you wish to have." Getting dressed is so, so important to me, I don't know if I have ever stayed in PJ's all day other than if I happened to be sick. Now, I love getting in them after dinner if we're going to be here the remainder of the evening. Oh, yea and then snuggling down in my recliner. There's not a thing wrong with staying in one's PJ's, it's just never appealed to me. :o) Have a wonderful day!

  5. You're gorgeous. Always.

    I didn't know you sang until I saw your last post. Really? You can do it all, Woman.

    I haven't put color on my hair since August. It's gray, red, black and some kind of tan in between the red and gray. I look like a mutt. But I'm NOT going to color it again. At least not until this is all grown out and I decide I hate salt and pepper. What can I say? I'm my parents' daughter - king and queen of salt and pepper hair. ;)

  6. adorable!! I love that he told you to look unto Jesus - hilarious!!! I love that blue cardi - perfect color for you!! And girl - it's not roots - it's ombre!!! ;)

  7. Awe! I love both of your outfits! That gray top is adorable! My best friend just started selling Origami Owl & I can't wait to get one for me! They are so neat! That is so true about getting dressed for the day. Being a stay at home mom of 2 little ones, I feel so motivated and feel like I get more done if I get dressed for the day even if we don't go anywere! :-) P.s. I got your email about ya'll's trip here & I'm excited & will sit and reply soon! yay!

  8. I love the pink dress paired with the navy cardi - very cute look!

    julee @ D.I.Y. Louisville

  9. You look beautiful no matter what! Those days at home in our jammies or sweats are a blessing, but I agree, most days it feels good to get dressed. Your thoughts and posts are so fun and uplifting! Thank you for sharing!!

  10. you have the cutest smile, so it doesn't really matter to those around you what you wear! however, being a momma to 3 littles, I have to say that getting dressed (maybe makeup and hair too?) can definitely make a difference in your day!


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