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Monday, February 11, 2013

New Friends and Valentines

I say it all the time how amazing God is in connecting people even through such things as blogging, instagram and facebook.  And it has blessed me how He has sent people into my life to encourage me and for me to encourage with whom I probably would have never met apart from social media.  

Well, when I read about Casey's valentine swap  several weeks ago, I  felt that urging that this was something I needed to do.  So I sent my email and waited for God to do His thing.  Would it be someone I already knew who I can encourage and bless?  Would it be a new friend that I would get to meet?  It would be great either way but the excitement was killing me.

Then I got the email and that is how I met Amber.

She is just precious and I have absolutely loved reading and learning about her beautiful family.
She shares her journey that led them to the beautiful road of adoption with such transparency and grace 
And her children are gorgeous!
We both have shared with each other how we know that our connection wasn't by chance and that we are looking forward to getting to know each other more.  And we both sent each other the same identical chocolate without each other knowing!  Hell-o....we were meant to be.

Here is my Valentine goodie package...

I've been wanting to try this stuff for a while....I'm a sucker for cute labels.  I'm a marketing's dream! So I was tickled when this fell out the package.

I loved this necklace.  The color gray is running neck and neck with all the black stuff in my closet so this was perfect!

And chocolate!!!  I had this baby eaten before I even read the card inside.
I know....I should be embarrassed.

Thank you Amber!  I love it all.
You are an awesome Valentine Buddy.



  1. Awe! What fun gifts! I have made a great bloggy friend all the way in California and we talk almost everyday now, from a swap back in the Fall! Swaps are so fun & such a fun way for God to bring just the right person into your life! :-)

  2. LOVE meyer products. to the moon.

    gift swaps are from the lord.

  3. I really did leave a comment for you on Monday! The internet ate it! I loved our swap and am so thankful for you!! Here's my blog post:


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