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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Funky Girl Shirt of Mine,
    I love your fro..and your glasses...and your eyelashes. If I could be a cartoon character, I would so be you. Fo sho.

Dear Cadbury Eggs,
  Curse you for tasting so good.  That is all I have to say to you.  I mean...don't you know I have a mother of the bride dress to shop for?!  So rude.

Dear Henry,
  You are killing me with your cuteness.  I feel like you've been in the family for years.  In fact, I can hardly remember Marcus and Lydia Linton without their Henry. And.... you have basically turned my daughter into a fanatical crazy dog lady overnight.  Good thing you're so incredibly charming and darling and cute.

Dear Nate Dog,
  You are rocking the whole hipster look little dude.  You're Honey loves a man in plaid.

Dear Natalie,
  It was such a blessing to see you last week.  You have to be one of the cutest pregnant mommas I know!   I can't wait to see your parents become grandparents....they're gonna be so funny.  Love y'all so much.

Dear Rosalyn,
  Your mom is crazy awesome to make you cool snacks like this! You know that right?  You cracked your Honey up telling me all about your snack...   "Honey.  I have to tell you something IMPORTANT"  as you searched everywhere trying to find "privacy".  Then you tell me ...."HONEY.  I ate TEETH today!"  Lol!!  I would have to agree, eating teeth is big news!  This definitely doesn't happen everyday.

Dear Janet and Greg,
  You sure know your pastor well.  It was such a treat for all of us but he enjoyed grilling this cut of meat as much as we all enjoyed eating it.  Thanks for loving on us and lavishing us the way y'all do.

Dear Rosie,
  Looks like you and I have our work cut out for us.  lol  Get it? ...cut out?  I know, I know...corny.   But I couldn't help myself.  I think it has something to do with a certain joke book my secret valentine sent me.  It was written for six year olds and yet she knew me well enough to know I'd love it.  I love that. And her.

Dear USPS,
  I'm bummed about you not delivering on Saturdays now but  the fact that you delivered this package to my grandkids in two days might take the sting out a little.  Plus...I happen to be facetiming them when y'all delivered extra points for perfect timing.

Dear Miss Julia Rose,
 When did you become such a big girl?!   Stop growing up at warp speed ok?  Thank you for being so sweet.  You give THE best virtual hugs and kisses on the planet. It's one of my favorite parts of our FaceTime chats.

Dear Sherrilyn,
   I'm so glad you got to come hang on with us on Porterville Night.  I hope you had a great time.  We enjoyed getting to catch up a bit...and that smile of yours is always a treat.

And last but not least..
Dear Mom,
   This recent conversation on our iPads cracked me up.  You are the best. The end.



  1. You. Are. One. Crazy. Lady. Love you and love reading your blogs! (sg)

  2. You. Are. One. Crazy. Lady. Love you and love reading your blogs! (sg)

  3. love your letters....and mini cadbury eggs! WAAYYY too much! :)
    hope you have a lovely weekend, friend!

  4. Dear Stephanie,

    I love your Friday's Letters. They are perfect slices of your lovely life.


  5. Do you know how precious you are!?! I love how you adore your family. Um, that doggie is adorable...I can see why you are in love (and I'm not even a dog person). Rosalyn having to tell you something *important* is priceless. I love how they want to share everything with you. That box is amazing and I'm sure it's just full of love. How fun that you were "there" when they got it (FT rocks!!!). One day I'm going to crash Porterville Night!! And tell did you add your fabulous mama's pic to your texting?

  6. Your little grands are too cute!

  7. so precious. love it all. and yes, Cadbury does the same thing to me!! your mama is ADORBS!!!!

  8. Thank YOU for having me! Y'all.....their cooking is even better than it looks. ��
    It was so fun!

  9. Such enjoyable letters! The teeth are the best! We Facetime a lot too and don't know how we'd stand it otherwise. And, I just sent a Valentine pkg last week to our Kansas Grandchild and he got so excited when it arrived. What fun! Love your Mom!

  10. that last one. dying. how can one be so adorable???

  11. Your entire family is just precious. Your grandkids, man.. cuteness overload. Your relationship with your girls and with your mama inspires me to have that kind of relationship with my daughter.

  12. i just can't get over their names - :) Love them so!


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