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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A winner and Wedding Wednesday { dress tips}

{the bridesmaid dress}

When you're planning a wedding on an extremely tight budget, you have to get creative and of course always give these things over to prayer in asking the Lord to supernaturally provide.  He is always faithful.   He knocked our socks off with the bridesmaids dresses. 

Lydia knew the look she wanted long before the engagement was "official".  
And one day while I was perusing the aisles of know the store right? Please say you do.  Well, I was flipping through the racks and spied this gorgeous little soft pink number.
I gasped when I pulled it out.  It was her color. Her style. And it was long enough.
(have y'all noticed how short all the dresses are these days?  ugh)
AND....the best part...brace yourself now...
It was $20!!

I immediately  texted her a picture and she called me right back squealing.
And that was that.
$60.00 for all three bridesmaid dresses.
Thank you Lord.

  So my wedding tip for today is first and for most, ask God to provide.
He knows your heart.  He loves to delight His children.

And second, don't be afraid to look outside the box.  Discount stores are the
Especially Ross.  I can't tell you how many dresses I've seen in there that I have found the identical ones in expensive department stores and bridal stores for five times as much.
Ross is where it is at y'all.

photography: april and paul


 And the winner of Aly's  giveaway is....

Renee!!   Woo Hoo girl!

For everyone else...don't forget you can use the code Honey15 for a 15% discount of the prints you had your heart set on.  Hurry though....the coupon won't last for long. 



  1. holy moly that is an awesome deal!! I found my exact bridesmaids dresses (they were only $100 from David's Bridal) at Forever 21 for $25 but unfortunately my sister is VERYYYYYYYYY busty and couldn't fit...that would have been the dream!

  2. I love bridesmaid dress for my baby sister's wedding last May was from TJ Maxx for $20 also...and it's the only bridesmaid dress I own that I've actually worn again! Was to my knees and had little cap strapless bra needed and felt super I can totally relate!! Love it when God provides better than we can imagine...He really does care about all the little details.

  3. that is awesome!! i had a similar experience when i was trying to find my bridesmaids dresses back in 2000. i found these absolutely gorgeous full length black taffeta skirts for i think $20 at jcpenney. and then i got little black sweaters to wear with them. the outfits were so pretty! and some of my bridesmaids still wear those little black sweaters, 12 years later! and you're right - God totally cares about helping us find good deals and giving us the desires of our hearts! :)

  4. Me and Ross are BFF's!!!I LOVE that store so much, though I worry it's a vortex....I get stuck there for at LEAST an hour every time I go!

  5. I can't ever find anything in Ross! But these were a FIND for sure! The girls in them are so beautiful too! Praise the Lord for his provisions...even on things as 'small' as bridesmaids dresses!

  6. I LOVE Ross. Julia and I have one close to us and we love to spend a Saturday morning there - and get this... there is a TJ MAXX there, too! I know.... spoiled rotten :)

  7. Squee!!! I just knew I wouldn't win being the second commenter. Thanks!

    And isn't it amazing how God works out every little detail when we give it to Him? Love those dresses.

  8. "Do you love it? I love it. I got it at Ross." (old theme song)


    I use to be a wedding coordinator, and I would ALWAYS tell my brides that God is in the details just as He was at the wedding in Cana. I can recount a number of stories where they would share how they prayed, and how God was generous. I think that in itself made them more excited about their wedding day.

  9. that's amazing! and they are beautiful! mine were i think $40 each and i thought WE got a deal. hah!


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