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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Hunter

My man loves to hunt.  I think it's something that is in his blood. 
He grew up hunting and it's something he enjoys thoroughly.
He went for many many years not really being able to indulge himself with the time it takes.
When he was in the Navy, he was deployed more than he was home.  And we he was home, he wanted to be with his family and not alone in the woods.  Then we moved to Mississippi, the Lord called us into ministry and again....his time was so limited.  Our girls were still young  and very active in lots of stuff.  My man always chose time with his family over time in the woods.  He was always present.  Always there.  He did hunt but it was a hit and miss kind of thing.
For this reason alone, I've never been one to complain about him heading to the woods when he did get to go.  He made so many sacrifices, I was always glad for him when he got the chance. 

Well, fast forward a few years.....we are now in a different season of life.
Our girls are now grown. The activity level has decreased substantially as far as time demands and schedules these more soccer games and driving to and from school or church activities and stuff.  And ......the Lord called us out to a little church in the country.  The country that just happens to be deer hunter heaven.   If you mention Porterville in a conversation, 3 out of 4 times the other person will say that they or someone they know has a deer camp in Porterville.

It has been such a blessing for me to see him enjoy doing something he loves so much.
I do believe he may have hunted more in this one season than what he's been able to do all these years combined.  He's very selective with what he shoots.  He doesn't  kill just for the sport.  We eat everything he brings home.  Now would he like a big trophy for the wall? Uh...yeah.  And I would love that for him...but the allusive Big Daddy hasn't shown up....he's killed a buck and a few does for meat in our freezer but that big trophy just hasn't been seen this year.

Which takes me to today.  Today is the last day of deer season.  
I'm hoping the big one steps out for him.
I'm hoping when I hear the humming of the 4-wheeler pulling up that I look out and see a big rack on the back.  But if that doesn't happen...I'm just thankful he had this season.
That the Lord blessed him with the time to do it..
Next year may be different.  Only the Lord knows.
But for  this season, I'm thankful.
Thankful for my husband who has always put his family before himself.
Thankful for the meat in the freezer that he has provided.
Thankful for the men in our church who has blessed their pastor with permission to hunt on their land.
Thankful for Nick getting the time to enjoy doing something that he loves so much.
Thankful that after today,  I can reclaim my back porch once he puts all his gear away.

And I'm thankful that this year, I went with him.
I went one other time when we were 15 years old and I hated it.  
We both agreed it was probably best if we didn't try that again....until a couple of weeks ago.
27 years later, I dressed up in his gear and off we went into the woods.
A lot has changed since the last time we sat in a stand together... like being called to serve together  in full time ministry, 3 incredible daughters, 2 godly son-in laws and with another one coming soon, and the cherry on top....three grandchildren. 
Well....lets just say that any happily ever after dream that I could have come up with that freezing cold day in that stand as I sat there  trying not to talk or make any noise so I could impress this amazing guy doesn't even compare to the actual  life the Lord has given us.

Yes,  this girl is thankful.

I'm thankful for the invention of iPhones too that gave me something to do...

This is my "Deer Thug" look.  ha!



  1. oh, you are all so sweet!
    i love that you went with him, and I bet he did, too! :)
    happy hunting!

  2. You're such a good wife. I keep telling myself I need to go shooting with my hubs. He's into target shooting...he's actually doing it right now...too bad I'm at work. Thanks for sharing reminds me to enjoy my man's hobbies with him...even if I don't really enjoy them at all!! :)

  3. I completely and utterly adore this post. Hunting has become such a huge part of life/marriage, especially this year. My husband grew up hunting but now we live in perfect whitetail territory and I have never seen anything bring that guy the depth of joy that hunting does. I so know that feeling of holding your breath when you see them coming home, so desperately hoping they got, "the one". It's hard not to get emotionally involved! I love that you went out in the stand with him. This will be my first year doing so and I can't wait to share that with my man.
    Plus, isn't the rugged mountain man, hunter guy so attractive? :)

  4. The way you share God's redemption in your life through your marriage in all your family stories slays me every single time. I love the way you and Nick love each other. I love the way you both point to Jesus so evidently. You are authentic and genuine, Stephanie. It's absolutely lovely.

    1. since angel so perfectly said what i was going to, ditto!


  5. You two are so adorable! I loved this post! My hubby and I were just having a conversation during dinner last night with some friends about hunting. He has always wanted to try it but there aren't many opportunities to go hunting on an island. :) Except, of course, if you want to hunt wild hogs. I'm glad your hubby had the opportunity to spend some time doing what he loves. Y'all bless my socks off!

  6. Oh, this is great!!! I'm married to a hunter too and he's killed more deer than the law allows and has gotten some real throphies over the years. Thank goodness he has an office to hang them in. :o) He has been hunting for 57 year years. He was 8 years old when his Grandfather took him on his first deer hunt. I've never been and just do not think I could endure the cold and the being quiet. But, he does have the finest deer stands this side of heaven with heaters and comfortable chairs. But, just don't think I'm interested in hunting, especially at this stage. Hats off to you though! Gotta show this post to my Hubby, he'll love it!

  7. AWE! So much to be thankful for! Ya'll are just too ADORABLE in your camo. The thug picture had me cracking up! My husband loves to hunt too, but we are in that busy season of our life too right now, so he doesn't get to much. My father in law provided us with a ton of meat so I have been so thankful for that! You'll have to share some deer meat recipes sometime! ;-)

  8. what fun! and you're completely adorable in your camo and "deer thug" look. ;D

    thanks for the encouraging words you left on my blog. they were awesomesauce. :)


  9. that is so sweet you went with him! i bet it meant the world to him. you guys are one great looking couple!


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