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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lydia's Bridal Luncheon

I thought I'd share a few wedding related posts while I was away this week.....trying to play "catch up" before Lauren's big day arrives!

 Lydia's Bridal luncheon was hosted by two very dear friends of mine, Julie and Sherry.  I go waaay back with both of them and I am blessed beyond measure because of their friendship. Through the years they have encouraged me, taught me, rebuked me and made me laugh more times  than I could ever count.  Julie's parents own this beautiful bed and breakfast in downtown  Meridian called The Century House.   It has become quite special to us through the years as all of our girls have celebrated monumental occasions within its beautiful walls...graduation luncheons, Elizabeth's bridal luncheon and on this gorgeous day the Lord provided... we celebrated Lydia's bridal luncheon.

 The Century House

Upon entering we were greeted with a delicious glass of refreshing punch.

Julie and Sherry outdid themselves with the table setting and menu!
They know Lydia well and had mini bags of cotton candy with our names as the place cards.
Lydia was tickled pink!

Her beautiful corsage.

Besides honoring her bridesmaids, she also wanted to honor these special ladies.  Her Aunt Joice and Aunt Heather were instrumental in so much of the wedding preparations.  We couldn't have done it without them.  The girls were a big help too jumping in wherever they were needed.

The bridesmaids, flower girls, moms and grand-moms....and of course the bride!

One of the courses served was asparagus soup.  And it was an absolute favorite of Miss Julia Rose.  She handled all the fine china like a little lady and ate every last drop of her soup...all by herself.

Although.... it wasn't too long later that they ditched our table for the table with all their cousins.

Everyone enjoyed opening all their gifts Lydia had bought for them.
All of us ladies received a monogrammed handkerchief....

And she bought the bridal party matching TOMS.

 The beautiful grandmothers.

My beautiful girls....what incredible young women they have grown up to be1

Lydia's bestie, Jenna.

Mrs. Sue, Lydia's precious mom-in-law.

Her two mommas!

 The whole gang!

Three generations.

A little entertainment on their "stage".

And here are the two hostess' responsible for all of this loveliness....

two of my dearest AND craziest friends I have.
And by crazy, I mean that as a compliment.
Of course...they already know that.



  1. what a beautiful day! those little sweeties eating their soup.oh my. hope you are enjoying your time with your momma. xoxo

  2. you have the most precious family girl. love watching your these special memories take place. sweetness!

  3. Such a gorgeous day!! I love Lydia's smile :)

  4. Goodness! This is all so beautiful! However, the most beautiful are the smiles! Your girls are so beautiful! You can see where they get their beauty's in the genes! Loved this recap!

    I can't wait to see Lauren's wedding and events!!!!

  5. everything was so lovely!
    again.....your family is just beautiful and inspiring.
    what a legacy!

  6. So, so lovely and what great memories!


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