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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boo Boo's Big 4-0.....Duck Dynasty style

My brother in law turned 40 this year.
It almost slipped by without us realizing it was his big 4-0.  You see every year  at Christmas while the entire family is together we always have a little cake to celebrate Jeremy, Heather and Nick's birthdays.  They all happen within 2 weeks of each other so we just kinda do one big celebration. Well as we sat around the table early in the week when everyone was here, Jeremy mentioned he was turning 40.
Big mistake little bro.
We don't let monumental  occasions like that just slip by.  So with only a couple of days, I had to pull out the last bit of creative juices I had left in me for 2012.  

The theme was kinda a no brainer actually.  Jeremy has had a beard for 20 years now.  His wife and kids have never seen him without one.  I've had the pleasure though,  being that he was 13 years old when me and Nick started dating.  I thought about pulling out a picture. Back then he was into skateboarding, Vans shoes, asymmetrical haircuts and was a little on the chunky side.  But  I decided to spare y'all.  (plus, he's got a some stuff on me from back in the day and I ain't no dummy)

So with all the hype about beards these days thanks to the beloved Robertson family and their show, Duck Dynasty,  AND the fact that Jeremy is kinda a Duck Commander himself (saying he is passionate about duck hunting miiiight be an understatement),  well it just made sense to throw him a Duck Dynasty party for his big 4-0.

It was pretty simple really.  We already had enough camo in our family to go around...that was the dress requirement.  Next, we had to make beards.  I traced them out on kraft card stock, used wooden skewers from Nick's grilling stash for the sticks and colored in some whiskers.   I put my sis-in law on the hunt for American flag bandannas for all the Willies and we bought black toboggans for all the Jaces.   We drank our usual sweet tea in honor of Si and said the word "jack" all night.

For throwing it together last minute on the came together pretty good.
The main thing is...we had us some fun.

Some cute little "willies"

Some serious looking Jaces..

Maw Maw Loni getting her duck hunting face paint put on...

Me and Jules... aka Willie and Jace. (even though she had lost her beard)

Me and Heather...she was my partner in crime helping me secure all the bandannas and toboggans.

The Birthday Boy!!!... and his sweet bride Joicy-Poo.
(and he's smiling.  For a picture!  Miracles still happen.)

The ca-ute birthday banner my three nieces whipped up ...
(there was a little mishap with spelling of Boo happens y'all)

Jeremy and his crew.

Jode and his crew.

Nick didn't get a pic with his crew...that's what happens when they grow up and scatter.
We tried to take pics of Elizabeth with her bunch but somehow there was some screaming and crying that went down with my grandchildren (can you believe that?) and it was a no-go.
Here is a small but cute portion of the Nick Holden clan...
and me and him.
(this is my best "serious look")

Now for the must have "group picture..'
Here are a few candid shots while I figured out my camera settings...
the pictures before the picture.

I'm loving Ms Dianne's expression.  Not sure what just happened.

But from the looks of it, Jeremy might be the culprit.

This is Jeremy's usual expression for a picture...
99.99% of the time.

The Doc slipped in late and cracked us up with his version of a beard.

We decided Paw Paw Nick would have to fill the "Phil" slot.
Ironically, this ensemble he's wearing, I see on a daily basis...not just for the party.
Nate Dog thinks its great.

I think he's trying to tell Paw Paw about some ducks or something...

This is Ms Dianne and almost all her grand babies and great-grand babies. (we're only missing the three grown ones)  She is our "Ms Kay" and anybody who knows her can tell you she could flat out give Ms Kay a run for her money when it comes to cooking. I ain't even kidding.

Me and the birthday boy.
We go waaaay back.  I woulda never thought it back then that he would end up being one of my favorite people in the world.  I have never met a greater servant and harder worker than him...not to mention crazy talented.  He can build pretty much anything.  He's one of the sweetest daddies I know and he and Joice are such a godly  example to others when it comes to their marriage.  I have the utmost respect for him and am so thankful we are he's got THE whitest, skinniest legs on the planet and they make me giggle just thinking about them.
( was getting too mushy up in here)

He will definitely hold the record in the family for wearing a beard for the longest running time without shaving .. 20 years is pretty rockin!  BUT I have to say...

I think his big brother has him beat with  the  best looking beard.
His white whiskers are pretty legit.

It'll always be my fave.... Jack!

Stephanie :)


  1. Lots of fun! What a great idea for a party! My hubby and I would have felt right at home there!

  2. Oh my goodness...this is so funny! What an awesome party!

  3. Oh, you are such a great party planner. I used to be back in the day. I don't know what happened to me... ;)
    I'll have to show this to my kids. They are hooked on Duck Dynasty. Rebekah came in one night while we were watching it and she was hooked! (They don't have a television.) Her husband bought her the first season as a surprise last week. My granddaughter, Nora, was here last night and was randomly saying, "Happy, happy, happy." She has Phil down pat. We were rolling, Jack.

  4. Well, my goodness, can't imagine what you might have come up with if you had had a whole week. :o) Just so cute! Our kids went to school several of the DD group and they live just 30 miles down the road from us. Never would have guessed that they would be among the "rich and famous" one day.

    Great post!

  5. this is the jam.
    hooray for FAMILY.

    also, mawmaw loni...she takes the prize for cutest!

  6. I absolutely adore this idea for a party! And y'all are so cute in your get-ups! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos!

  7. I love it all! The birthday party was a hit. But of course, they always are when we're all together. Seriously, loved the idea.

  8. making memories mama. just lovely. i am gleaning from the goodness of it all:)


  9. Hahaha! This is such the bomb. I love how your fmaily is so close--sadly, you don't find that very often anymore.

    Love being able to follow your adventures on IG. I hope you have a blessed rest of the week!


  10. How did you make your beards? I love them!

  11. And that's how you do it, JACK! :)


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