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Friday, January 18, 2013

The First Look

There is much to be said about the first look these days when it comes to brides on their wedding day.
Some folk thinks it's "bad luck" to see each other before the wedding. Others just want that first moment to be when she comes down the aisle in the church so that everyone can share in the moment. Whatever is your stance is on the subject, that is the beauty of being the's your day. Your choice.

My oldest daughter, Elizabeth, waited to see Christopher for the first time when she walked down the aisle. I can still see Chris's face when he saw her  for the first time.  It was precious.
Lydia on the other hand wanted to have a moment with just she and Marcus....just the two of them. With no pressure, no eyes except their own...and it too was precious.  
We all thought that Lydia would cry the entire walk down the aisle but instead she beamed the most radiant smile I have ever seen on her.  She later told me that she was so glad she had seen Marcus earlier and had that helped her to relax when she walked through those doors and to just soak up and enjoy every moment.   

They did capture it on film.
I absolutely adore it.

Ahhhh....Ain't love grand?


ps. all the gorgeous pics were taken by our photographers, April and Paul.


  1. I love these pics!!! Have never seen anyone drive up in a car,especially not an older car! Great idea!!! So lovely!!! TY for sharing!

  2. Now, if that isn't just the sweetest! Made my heart "pitter pat." Happy weekend!

  3. i adore this. they're glowing.

  4. that is the most amazing first look pics ever. my photographer just had us do it in one of the church rooms. this is an awesome idea. and could your girl be any more beautiful!!!

  5. i LOVE how much time, attention and thought was put into their wedding.
    so perfect!
    and Lydia is soooo gorgeous!

  6. love!

    every image is full of anticipation and beauty.

    our old pastor once said, "jesus waits for us the way a bridegroom waits for his bride."

    when i think of that, and look back and recall michael's face, and how there was nowhere else i wanted to be but with him, i long for that day when i will see my savior-love waiting for me in glory.

    thanks for sharing!

  7. So so sweet! They are such a beautiful couple! Lydia's hair and dress are amazing.

  8. Just died. Seriously... you and Nick set such a wonderful example and I know they will follow. I love love love them!!

  9. you must love these so so much stephanie! they are million dollar pics !!!


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