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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday's Letters

 Dear Gandkids of mine,
  You are killing your Honey with cuteness overload.  Don't stop doing what you're doing would be a great way to go. 

Dear Briggs Chapel Church Family,
  Thank y'all for throwing Nick such a fun party.  I know the LSU theme was a tough pill to swallow for some of y'all and the sacrifice does not go unnoticed. We love all of you so much and thank the Lord each day for sending us out to the little church in the country. A special thank  you to Bill....I'm gonna start calling you the Party Planner of Porterville.  You did an amazing job pulling it all together.  You even got K.C. to come!

Dear Tina,
   Thanks for hosting our crew like you did!  You went above and beyond.  I'm so thankful you turned an old bar/pool hall into a sweet little family restaurant with good food and christian atmosphere.  I love your christian music you play and I double love your twinkle lights.  I hope everyone takes a ride out to Lauderdale and checks out your place..."Tina's".

Dear Gorgeous Auburn Hair,
  I think I want you up on my in dying my hair your color.  I used to have you but its been a long time.  Hmmmm....we shall see.

Dear Heather,
  Happy Birthday!  You keep getting more and more beautimous every day. Thankful for this past year together and all that it brought with it for me and you.   There is no telling what you will accomplish this year... I mean look at you were in New York City, on a subway, sitting next to a complete stranger. Wow.  That is some bravery going on in this pic...we might have to try something drastic like skydiving or something to top that this year. ;)    Love you   

Dear Entertainment Weekly,
  Thanks for the preview.  Eeeep!

Dear Rosalyn,
  I'm sorry you inherited my tangly hair.  But apparently by the looks of it, you also inherited my ability to sleep like a I guess we can call it even.  

Dear Lauren,
  I had so much fun pinning stuff with you to our secret board for the wedding last night!  I am starting to "see it" now in my mind!  It's gonna be grand!  EEEEP!!

Dear Mom,
I can't even imagine how much fun we are gonna have next week when I come to stay with you...just me and you.   I mean when is the last time we have ever had 5 days just us? We are gonna have us some FUN!!!!!!

Dear Nick,
  I haven't even packed yet and I'm missing you already.  

Stephanie :)


  1. Yes go on do it, go red, you won't regret it! Im a redhead and love it :)
    Awww thats so sweet about your Mum, you guys are going to have an absolute ball, as she says live it up x

  2. Those grandbabies are so stinkin cute! And you should definitely go for the auburn :) I think it'd look great!! Have fun with your mama!

  3. So much love in this post. I love how you love those special little people :) Happy birthday Nick...sounds like you were celebrated well. Um, love the hair...go for it. Yay for you and Mom time...nothing like it. Happy Friday!!

  4. You two are adorable! Just hopping over from Friday's Letters & now a new follower! Look forward to getting to know you better through this blog. Sounds like you live a wonderful life :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Your grandkids are adorable! I can't wait to see Catching Fire!

  6. You seriously make my hear happy!! I leave the first week in March and B leaves next Sunday (20th) so we can work in a date somewhere in there hopefully!!!!

  7. Well, I'm an auburn haired gal and we really do have fun! :o) So glad you are going to have some time with your Mom. Enjoy! Great letters!

  8. so sweet...thank you for sharing your life in this way!! And have a fabulous time with your momma!!

  9. Sweet grandkids. Don't you just love the secret pinterest boards (and wedding planning)? I was saving things to my computer if I wanted it to be kept hush-hush. Now I can pin it in secret! Love it.

    I made your Hershey's Cake tonight for my daddy's birthday tomorrow. The icing is in the refrigerator waiting to be slathered on the cake which is cool and ready. Can't wait to try it! Only my layers look a little flat compared to yours. I hope I didn't do anything wrong...

  10. First of all...I love your new blog design!! It is awesome! I always love reading your Friday letters. They never cease to bring a smile to my face. I think your grandkids are the cutest! You will totally rock auburn hair, girl! Catching Fire---I didn't even know! Can't wait to see it. I love that you are going to spend some special time with your momma. Take care, my friend!


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