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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday...

I got to try on some angel's wings last week while I was on vacation. 
I highly recommend you try a pair.

My momma got in on the action...
Of course we always knew she was an angel long before this day.

And of course the cutest angel of us all...
(and I really wish her boom box t-shirt would fit me)

And last.....this is me channeling my inner Nacho..
"Eagle powers...come to me"
"Those eggs were a lie.  A LIE!  THey give me no eagle powers!  They give me no nutrients!"
Oh and my dress came from Walmart a couple of years ago.
My cardi came from Target via Dirt Cheap for $2.00.

Stephanie :)


  1. I love the angel wings!!!! Cute outfits too. Looks like fun...being an angel.

  2. looks like fun being an angel! stopping by from the pleated poppy.

  3. cute cute cute!!! love target for a good deal :)

  4. you make me laugh!! :)

  5. I'd love to have angel's wings too...great cardi!

  6. So fun! By the way, is there any way you know where your mom's top is from? I LOVE it!

  7. you all look super cute. 8 months of blogging and i have yet to do a wwiw...i need to..


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