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Monday, August 6, 2012

Gimme Some Thrifty Love!

Did y'all remember?
I sure hope so cuz today is the day!  Woo Hoo!
The big reveal to our Thrifty Love Gift Exchange!....
Where you get to share about your swap and the goodies you found and the goodies you received.
Don't worry...the link is open for 10 days.
If you havn't send your swap buddy her goodies...well girl!...What are you waiting for??  Chop chop. Get off yo booty and get thriftin!  
Hurry!  You still got time!

And just to let y'all know, when you you link are automatically linked up to me and these 7 amazing ladies and their fabulous blogs!! (You can thank Carina for that)
Jami, Hannah, Sarah, Esther, Danielle, Heather and Carina's my thriftin story...
I got paired up with the sweet and lovely  Kate.
I didn't know her before this (which is why these things are so great...meeting new frans) I had to look her up on instagram and find her blog and stuff to kinda scope out the goodies I thought she might like.   Well come to find out...we have a few things in common.
 Like for instance... I would love to be a photographer and she is a photographer. Bam!  We both like really old stuff.... I drool over her pics she posts in the antique stores.   And we both have a thing for old books.  Kate loves them so much, she even has the most adorable Etsy shop filled with vintage Little Golden books.  I have a collection of those too but my Little Golden books were ones from when me and Nick were little.  We read them to our girls when they were little and now to our grandchildren!  So special.
Anyways, back to Kate.  I found out all that just from being a creepster but I took a step further and emailed her to introduce myself.  She is a sweetie!  Besides finding out she collects milk glass and vintage cameras I also discovered her kids names are the same names as my grand kids!  
What a co-winkie-dink!!  We knew then we were meant to be buds :)

So.. a little about my hunting expedition.
I had three things I wanted to find.
1. something milkglass
2.a really cool old book
3. a vintage camera

Oh yeah....did y'all remember that the limit was $10?
yeah...I was thinking I might could find the camera if I'm lucky for around that but then I'd only be sending her one thing.... what kind of fun is that?!?
I was wanting to fill up her goodie box!

Well, ladies.  It took me two trips but the Lord came through for me.
My first stop was this place...
Pretty appropriate huh!

I totes scored in there cuz I found this....
(you can thank Leslie's daughter for my usage of the word "totes"...who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!)
Milk Glass! For $1!!
Can I have a Woo to the Hoo to the Yee haw haw?!!!
I just about did a little dance!
I scratched one thing off my list and still had $9 to spend!
"That's the way huh uh huh uh I liiike it. Huh uh huh uh."

Well on the same day I scored again... I found some books..
One Little Golden book in pretty good shape.... with no names written in it.
(that's the hard part...they usually have "Sarah or Bobby" written real big in the "who it belongs to" section)  This little gem was pretty clean and it was ....$.25!!!  Cha ching!
And I found an old book that was from the public library where I live so I threw that in there too. ($.25)
Sadly, I didn't take pics of the books but I did scratch number two off my list.

I couldn't find a camera to save my life so I began to look for other stuff...
I found this little beauty and I fell in love.

She was $5 which is steep for me.
But I have a thing for vintage purses.  I have a collection of my own and from Kate's pictures, I thought this would be something she would like.
But confession time...
I wanted to keep this SOOO bad.
I know.. #badhoney

And....I really really really wanted to find her a camera but a score like that usually takes multiple trips of hunting and  I live 50 minutes from town and I can't just hop in the car and thrift everyday.
 So I had to have a backup plan and my vintage purse was it.  

Well, long story short...  Sadly, the greedy nature that I still possess in this sin riddled flesh just couldn't let go of the purse. So the day before the deadline to mail out our goodies I headed out one more time on the hunt.  I really really really wanted a camera for my sweet new friend Kate and I asked God to help me out.

What?  Y'all don't ask God to help you find bargains?
My girls and I would always pray together before heading out on a major shopping trip...that the Lord would help us be good stewards with what He's given us and that He would help us find what we were looking for and that I wouldn't pinch my girls heads off (during the teenage years).
Prayer works y'all. I'm thoroughly convinced that is why my daughters are still alive to this day and why their worn out momma didn't go ballistic on them during one of our bathing suit shopping trips.

Anyways...I headed off to my favorite spot..

And lo and behold....
Look what I found there!!!....
Hot Diggity Dog!!
I think I heard the angels in heaven singing the hallelujah chorus
(or maybe that was me!)

There she was just waiting for me.
The lady wanted $10 though and that was above the limit since I had already spent $1.50.
So I asked if she would go down (always ask ladies!!)
And she did!!!  $8.00!!

So my grand total was $9.50 and I scored all three things I was on the hunt for!!

But the really sweet ironic thing were the pretties that Kate picked out for me...
They are praying!!!
How appropriate and swa-eeet is that?!

She also sent me a lovely note on this beautiful card that I'm pretty sure she made cuz she has some similar pretties in her shop.

Thank you Kate!  I'm thankful for our friendship and I will think of you at Christmas time for sure... my little bear will have fun hanging out with his new friends on my nostalgic tree.  

It was fun city y'all!  I'm ready for the next one!
Oh yeah...there is a next one.  My sweet friend Kim is hosting a Mug Swap to celebrate her second year bloggaversary.  The deadline to sign up is August 8th... so hurry!

And now for the fun part...
Linking up to everybody:)
Make sure you check out all the other ladies and spread some love ya'll.

Hope y'all had as much fun as I did!

Stephanie :)
ps. I also got to keep my purse just in case you were wondering.


  1. You are too funny about the purse! I was so dadgum upset that I missed this entire deal!!! What??? The nerve of you all planning such fun shannanigans whilst I was away on the family vacay with my computer in time out. Law. Next time, I am in!

  2. You have absolutely blessed my socks off! AND I am so going thrifting with you - you found amazing deals! Love you new friend!

  3. You got some AMAZING deals! I feel like where I live we do NOT have deals like this. AT ALL. That purse would have been $10. The milk glass, $5. :)
    CRAZY! :)

    I am so excited you are back for mug swap round 2 :)

  4. wow wow wow! those cameras are an amazing deal! good job!

  5. SCORE SCORE SCORE! That's awesome! I can't believe you found all 3! And you're so thoughtful through it all! LOVE IT!!! Loved this little shopping game! Let's do it again!

  6. you are quite the shopper!! nice finds! p.s. got your email ... glad the girls got the clips :)

  7. LOL!
    pinch your girls heads off????
    ummmm...that hit a little close to home! :D
    love you, girl!
    you always make my day better. :)

  8. Such cute stuff! And you got to keep the purse. Yay! (I'm sinful too)

  9. Oh my goodness...I am so blessed by reading your blog!! I love it! You write in such a way that's....real life!! What a fun little swap! I'm so excited to read everyone's posts about it!!

  10. Too fun! Looks like you found some great deals! Love all the pics. :-)


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