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Monday, August 27, 2012


My family has this favorite thing they love to eat...
German Pancakes.
My husband grew up eating them.  It's a thing on his daddy's side and everyone in the family loves them, craves them and wants them.
Only problem is...I can't cook them.

It drives me crazy because I love to cook and can usually cook pretty much anything. 
But not these turds.  They have gotten the best of me.

Ms Dianne, my mother-n-law who could give Paula Dean a run for her money and I'm totally serious when I say that,   has tried to teach me several times over the years.
It has become one of those mental things with me now...
I automatically expect failure and get intimidated from the very mention of them.
There are two other things that cause me to react the same way.
Math of all types and having to give someone directions.
I clam up and shut down with all three things.

Both my sister in laws have conquered the German Pancake thing so I knew it was gonna live on down their branches of the family tree but I was so concerned for mine.

But alas...God is good.  He in His sovereignty (and mercy) saw fit to raise up one from my crew who could carry on the Holden tradition.  Praise Jesus.

Elizabeth sent me this text this weekend..

"I just made the most perfect German pancakes I have ever made. #mawmawDworthy"

I think I heard the angels singing in heaven as I read it.
MawMaw D worthy means something y'all. 
It means a lot in fact.

I've been redeemed.
The Nick Holden clan can hold their head up with pride.
Thanks Elizabeth.

 Here are some of the pics she sent me from the weekend.
They are paper thin and you spread them out on the entire plate....
Which is what makes cooking them a pain in the butt.
The consistency has to be SO paper thin...then it's hard to flip.
I would always use up half the batter before I got it right and would only end up with like 2 pancakes.
Then I'd have to start the whole process over....hence the frustration.
Anywho, you spread them out on your plate like this..

 Then you spread syrup on them and roll them up like this.

And then you slice them with a fork and gobble them up.

Here's the recipe if you're interested.
And if yours turn out great... don't tell me about it.

German pancakes

Mix in the blender on blend cycle
3 eggs
1/4 cup of oil
1/3 cup of sugar
A dash of salt 
Then add milk to blender. Just fill blender half way with milk and blend it all together. 

Then add and blend 1 1/2 cups  flour (all purpose). Add more flour or milk as needed. 

Use your spoon to check consistency.... thicker than milk but not much. 

Add a little oil in skillet and pour 1/4 to  1/3 of a cup and tilt pan to have a thin layer covering skillet. Brown one side and flip.  It takes shorter time on other side. 

Once cooked, fold and put in covered dish and start serving when you have a few made. 

Happy Monday Y'all
Stephanie :)
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  1. There's no way I would ever get those right. I can't even perfect the simple pancake itself.

  2. I heard these things skip a generation every now and again anyway! They do look delish! Even if you can't cook 'em, I bet you can eat 'em!!! That's what I might be most concerned about!

  3. ohhhh my! i love German pancakes. i'm going to make these soon :) thanks for the recipe! love!

  4. They look delish! I'm with you on the math. ;)

  5. Stopping by from MM and what a fun post, but I'm with you, those pancakes would be "too much sugar for a dime." (as my Grandmother use to say) I'll just stick with regular pancakes. I'm off to check out your shop. Do stop by if you get a minute. Blessings!

  6. Haha! I'm the same exact way with directions and math. I feel SO dumb when it comes to those two things... German pancakes sound good, but I'm already too intimidated to every try makin' em! =) WOOHOO for your girl mastering the art!!

  7. A comment from a real German : you should eat them with apple sauce instead of syrup ;)

    1. Thank you my mystery German friend for the tip. I guess my husband's family has lived in the south too long because we sure looove our syrup. Maybe his grandmother ate applesauce on hers and just never told us. ;)

  8. the above comment. and i so think you can make them.. you cray cray. i know you can. and wahoo to E. they look awesome. mine don't always look good but they do taste good. :)


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