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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lace Hoop Art {tutorial}

Well it's been a little over two months since Lydia's wedding.
When it's a diy wedding from start to finish and everything in between, a momma's gotta take a little break afterwards you know?
I still haven't printed their wedding pictures..
or started creating their wedding book....
 and don't even get me started about the big gorilla I still have sitting on my shoulders... 
editing their wedding video.
 It's coming though.

 I have so many projects and tutorials I want to share with ya'll .
Perhaps to help some other momma cut costs (cuz y'all...we were on a serious budget)
And hopefully give inspiration to some who have special events coming up.
I'm creating a page at the top of the blog that is designated for all things wedding related.

So today, I give y'all the first of many
wedding tutorials and tips and I'll be sprinkling a little behind the scene fun along the way.


Lace Hoop Art

I received the most emails and requests about this project...
 and y'all....
it was the easiest of all.

If you want a big impressive focal piece with minimum to little work, than this is the project for you!
It's only as expensive as the fabric you choose to use.
We wanted lace to tie in with the rest of Lydia's theme but you could use any kind of fabric for any kind of party.  

Unfortunately I didn't get step by step pictures of the assembly process because we put it together at the reception venue and taking pics of each step just wasn't on my mind!

But basically, just purchase your hoops in various sizes.
The quantity would depend on what size space you're making it for.
This would make a great permanent wall hanging too...not just for an event.

We bought our hoops at Hobby Lobby.  We waited until they were half off.
We used some lace we already had and we bought a few small pieces...not even an entire yard. 
The pink polka dot fabric is actually from a dress I found at my favorite store, Dirt Cheap.  The dress was as tacky as they come but I loved the fabric overlay on top and it was only $1!!  Way cheaper than buying fabric.  So don't get boxed in to just thinking you have to buy brand new fabric for this project.  You could use old tablecloths, napkins, handkerchiefs, blouses....the possibilities are endless.

It really is like a piece of  art.
I put the fabric in the hoops first and then kept moving them around until I had them positioned where we liked them. 
Then we used hot glue to glue the wooden hoops to each other to make it one big structure.
(actually my awesome son-in-law glued mine together for me.)

Then we hung them up with fishing line.

I loved the way it turned out!
The way the light shone through the lace created such a beautiful look.
Most of all, Lydia loved it to pieces...
and that's what I was going for.

Stephanie :)


  1. This would look adorable in a nursery!!

  2. SO SO SO pretty and love that it's something I'd actually be able to do on my own! As soon as I started reading this I thought "I'd love to make one to hang on my wall!" As a matter of fact, I just finished sorting through my older blouses and found a few that I didn't wanna give away (sentimental value) and thought I'd at least wanna use the fabric for some sort of project. YAY! Now I found me a project. =) Great idea, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing!

  3. gosh this is lovely. and dreamy and romantic and every other pretty adjective you could think of :) I'm just trying to picture where in my house I could hang it without my husband thinking he lives in a house full of girls (because he does ;) hehe). anyway, love it. xo

  4. so amazing!!!!!Y'all are the bomb dot com!!!!!!!!!!

  5. um...this is pretty much amazing. as are you, you crafty momma:)

    love it.

  6. This is so so pretty!! Thanks so much for linking up - I featured you today!


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