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Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Salt and Pepper Shakers,
   I didn't need you but I had to have you. You fit right in with the rest of my little retro family of shakers.  So go ahead and make yourself at home because I think you will be in my life for  a while.

Dear Nate Dog,
   Your Honey told you last week that I would catch you walking.... and I did!!  You little ninja baby!  You are walking just in time for your first birthday!  Your whole world is about to open up to you in ways you could never imagine...Lord help your parents with keeping up with you now.  At least for your sake, you'll be able to run away from your big sisters now!  They love to smother you to death....but it's because they love you so much.  Always remember that.

Dear Ian and Eunice,
  Thank you for making me such an amazing custom stamp for The Honey Pot.  I couldn't be more pleased.  Y'all rock!   I hope your shop myrubberstamp gets so busy y'all have to close up shop and run off to Hawaii or something.  :)

Dear Disgusting Dark Roots,
  Y'all gotta get outa my life.  You hear me?  Your days are numbered just so you know.  Come Wednesday at 12pm you are history. So enjoy these last few days of making me look skanky.

Dear Longino Baptist Church,
   It was so exciting to be a part of what God is doing in your midst. This week was just the beginning and I pray that y'all continue to seek God for true revival.  Y'all blessed me and Nick so much being with y'all.  Even though the week was long from getting home so late each night...we feel refreshed. Y'all loved on us and encouraged us as you were hungry for the Word each night.  And when y'all gathered around and layed hands on us to pray for our ministry, well...that meant more than y'all will ever know.  Thank you so much and we are already looking forward to Spring when we will be with y'all again!

Dear Bro Matt, Leslie, and Audri Ann,
   I am so glad to finally meet y'all in person.  I honestly can say that I feel as if we've known y'all for a lifetime. We are blessed to call y'all friends.  I'm so tickled Audri Ann took a liking to me so much this week.  It did this old Honey's heart good to get such sweet hugs each night from such a sweetheart.  I hope it's not spring til when we see each again. (and I forgive y'all for being Mississippi State fans.)

Dear Rosalyn,
  Thank you for wanting to call your Honey as often as you do.  I could talk with you for hours...about absolutely nothing.  I love you so much and am so proud of the wonderful big sister that you are.  And so proud of you working so hard when you and your momma have school.   

Dear Pepsi Next Commercial,
I've seen you a hundred times and yet you still crack me up.  Thank you for that.

Dear TOMS Catalog, 
  Curse you for showing up in my mailbox and making me want to own another pair of you.  Especially the bottom left ones.  I like you a lot and think you'd look really cute on my feet. 

Dear Madisonville and all my family and friends who live there,
  It breaks my heart to see your streets flooded in such a way.  As of me writing this, no one has been reported hurt there and I am so thankful for that.  I will continue to pray as y'all clean up after Hurricane Isaac.

Dear LSU T-Shirt,
    I bought you in the beginning of summer.  Your sleeves were long and football season seemed so far away so you have hung in my closet for months.  Well, I'm so tickled I got to pull you out this past week and break you in. I'll probably wear you again tomorrow...for the game! Woo hoo! Geaux Tigers.

Dear Funny Sweet Jules,
  Thank you for the harmonica concert. It made my week.  Your skillz never dropped your paci not one time.  Amazing.

Dear Lauren,
   Thank you for studying hard and making me smile with this text you sent me after your very first test you took in college!!   

Dear Dear Marcus,
  Thank you for making my daughter deliriously happy.  That makes me happy.  Well that and the fact you trimmed down that small bush you had growing off your face.

Dear Briggs Chapel Family,
I have missed y'all and I can't wait to see y'all Sunday!!  Woo Hoo.  

 Stephanie :)



  1. Love catching up on the news. so sweet. all of it. And i can't even see salt & peppa shakers and not think of you now.:)

  2. You are blessed to have such a busy life and so many friends and family, and most of all to bless my heart.

  3. Basically I love that you write letters, on your blog.
    Oh and those shakers. Oh my stars.

  4. love catching up with you...
    it's increasingly obvious that i will never catch up to you:)

  5. Dear Honey,
    I love you.
    Happy Friday and have a great weekend! :)
    xoxoxoxoxo Rachel

  6. This was so sweet. Your blog always makes me smile :)

  7. This made me happy. You have such an adorable family, and you are such a beauty, roots and all! Can't wait to hang out with you soon and get to know you better! love.

  8. You are so cute! This makes me smile. I just love your letters.

  9. I love reading these letters. They make me smile. Actually, the one you wrote to Marcus made me laugh out loud. :)

  10. Yea, for our Tigers! They are ripping up NTS as I write this. Pretty one sided.

    I love the look of Toms but I just can't wear anything that flat, but my little 3 year old Granddaughter wears them well. :o)

    Enjoyed all your letters, always fun to read. Blessings to you!


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