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Friday, August 3, 2012

Lovin' it

Here's a few things I've been really loving lately...

The Summer Olympics
Specificallly the girls gymnastics team.
Love them!
2012 LONDON OLYMPICS: women's gymnastics
I have cried more this past week than I have in the  past year.
Seriously...all they have to do is show the parents and I tear up.
When you realize as your'e watching that your youngest child is now older than many of the athletes competing...well,  I've have reached that place where I identify more with the parents. lol.

Have y'all seen this video?
I'm really loving it!
My boy, Philip Philips made his oympic debut too!
I was so proud when I heard it.
I feel like he's family or something.
And the song is a perfect fit to honor our girls.

So excited about that.
***Well..blogger is being all wonky and I can't get it to work for me. I'll try again later!***

I'm also loving this pic that Lydia posted.
Last week was my mom's birthday and it is so neato to us how much these two look alike.
That's my gorgeous momma on the left and my beautiful Lydia on the right.

Loving finding my favorite hat that I thought I had lost for good.  I've had a few scares through the years but I hadn't seen it for a while this time.  I'm glad to be reunited. 
Anywho, It's nasty and grungy but perfect.
(I know my girls are sad about this...they hate my nasty hat.)

I'm loving coffee this week (and every week) ..specifically this kind though.

 And I'm really loving it out of my two new cups.
This one is from Lauren.  Monopoly..another fave of mine.  
Do y'all have that app on your iPad?  Don't get it.  Unless of course you have a lot of time to waste.  Then that would be perfectly fine cuz it's kinda addictive.

And I'm loving this cup. A sweet friend on Instagram (Jenni.. holla!!)  posted hers one day and I drooled over it and commented on how awesome it was.  She told me where to find one but alas.... our closest Target is an hour and a half away. Bummmer.  But then she tells me she wants to bless me with one! How sweet is that? Very sweet I tell you. And it showed up all packaged happy, filled with all kinds of goodies.  Wow.  I'm so lovin it.  And Jenni.
 Go follow her on instagram y'all.
She spreads sunshine wherever she goes with her encouragement.

I'm also loving poppin in to visit Mrs. Linton in her new house and how she puts her daddy to work.  So sweet.  I might have to give y'all a little house tour one day soon if she'll let me.

Speaking of Mrs. Linton and her living in her new house...I now have a craft room/studio/guest room to work in and I'm really loving that! 
 Along with watching LOST on  my IPad while I work.

I'm loving Camellia red beans on Monday nights (of course) ..

With fried chicken on the side.

I'm lovin this ministry that my friend, Laura is heading up.
You can read all about it here.

I'm also loving this necklace and the reason behind it's prettiness..
Please go read about it here.
As of a text from her last night, she has already sold over 25 of them and I could not be more over the moon tickled for her and her family!

I'm loving these corsages I made for my cousin's son's wedding that is this weekend!  I can't wait to see some of our family  back home.  Which means a little road trip is in the very near future.  As in  several hours from now and I still haven't packed..

So to wrap things up, I'm really loving that my shop is now open again!!!  
Woo Hoo!!
All the shabby chic vintage loveliness  from Lydia's wedding has kinda spilled over into the shop.  I'd love for you to go check it out!  Heck....I'll even through in a discount for all my faithful friends who keep up with all our shenanigans on here.  
Use the code HONEYPOTPALS20 for a 20% discount! 
 Woo to the Hoo for discounts!

I'm loving these darlings in my shop.  
Their dresses are made from vintage handkerchiefs I've collected through the years. 
 They are my faves.

And I'm loving  packaging it all up pretty and shipping them out. 

Well I gotta go y'all.  I still haven't picked out what I'm wearing nor painted my toenails and I'm supposed to be pulling out in in a couple of hours.
But I'll leave  you with this.. last night on one of our many runs to Sonic for half price shakes, my boy Philip tweeted that he had JUST debuted his new video for "Home".  It's great y'all..
You can watch it here just in case you didn't get enough earlier.
I'm lovin it!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Stephanie :)

ps.  DON"T forget to write your post about your thrifty love swap!!
That goes up Monday and I will keep you posted as to how and where to link it up to!


  1. Those girls amaze me! Incredible what the body can do...well theirs certainly not mine HAHAHA!

  2. Loved this post!! I am headed to your shop to buy some of those gorgeous bobby pins now!!

  3. I look at that coffee cup every time I'm at Target. I love the colors. Your shop creations are just beautiful. : )

  4. So funny that you posted two videos with Phillip Phillips' "Home" since my son has been begging me all morning to play the video on YouTube for American Idol finale. He had the song in his head and wanted to watch. I had to call him in here to watch the official video. That may have been a mistake...

    I identify with the parents, too. Aly's parents doing the bobsledding while watching her routine was so funny. I do the same thing by kicking my feet when my sons play soccer!

  5. thanks for the shout out! :)
    can't wait to unite over Team Jack in October.
    your packaging is perfect.
    your daughter is gorgeous.
    and i am in love with the fact that you went to a gelatin factory. did you?
    love you!

  6. Your work table with LOST in the background?! Perfection! Team Jack!

  7. I'm lovin' this post! The corsages you made were just beautiful! And you will not believe it, but that photo of the girls gymnastics team is the first picture I've even seen of them! We don't have TV in our house, and I haven't tried to watch any of the Olympics on the internet. I read the news headlines online every day, but if it doesn't make the front page, I probably won't know about it! Looks like they won gold. Who knew? Probably everyone but me! Yes, I'm usually out of it, but I kinda like being out of it! It makes for a much simpler life. You have lots of beauty in your life. Thanks for sharing all the lovely blessings!

  8. awe love your blog found you through bitsofsplendor...following you now:)

  9. Okay, I'm loving all that you're loving. I have a craft question now for you. I am trying to make a peacock inspired satin flower thingy and it's just not flowing right. I want it to be oblong like a peacock's feather -- appreciate any help you can give.

  10. can't stop watching the olympics!. !! How adorable are your clips!!!!??!!!?


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