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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thinking On and Thankful For......

My hope is to share this once a week and give you a little slice of what I am loving most at the moment, or perhaps what I just can't get off my mind..good or bad.

My Daddy
It's been 27 years since I heard his laugh or held his hand.
This picture was taken a couple of weeks before he died at age 44.
I wish my husband and my daughters and my grand-daughters could have known him. They would have loved him so much.  

Fresh Contacts!!

Awesome, unexpected late birthday presents in the mail :)

My amazing son-in-law who is one of the best daddys and husbands I know. Seriously.
He blesses me daily by the way he cares for, protects, provides and loves my daughter like crazy!  He is such a fun and patient daddy to my grandchildren and most of all he is crazy in love with Jesus.
Christopher, you rock!

I'm thankful it's just a blue streak and not a tattoo.

This drink in this cup. For real.

Getting to see my grandson, Nate, kinda up close and personal.
I can't wait for his arrival and to hold him in my arms.  A boy!!

Hearing a word from the Lord and new opportunities to serve Him.  So thankful for His mercy that His grace affords me and His kindness that leads me to repentance so that I can be in sweet fellowship with Him. Wow.

Being creative and people liking your creativeness enough to buy something. That's crazy! :)

Thankful my oreo filling, middle child, Lydia is home tonight after being gone an entire week helping her grandmas church with vacation bible school.

So thankful for my best friend who is such an amazing daddy to our daughters. Sad Elizabeth isn't in this pic too. But also happy of the arrow that she is, shot straight from this man's quiver to influence people for Jesus..especially her sweet little family during this season of her life. 
Elizabeth and her Daddy on the day she blessed us with our second grand-baby, Miss Julia Rose

I am blessed to have a man who loves Jesus and lives that out every day of his life in the way he loves us and people.  
Thank you Lord for the difference You have made in our lives.

That's what I've been thinking on and what I am so thankful for this week. :)
Stephanie :)

ps. I.m linking up with Kristy at Paisley Jade for Things I'm loving.

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  1. Such a beautiful and precious list - thanks so much for sharing and joining in!


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