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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Branching out!

I'm trying my hand at making necklaces! One of my favorite accessories!!

Seems like everybody is crushin on yellow right now so I thought I would make something in the sunshine color.  Although, I've had a love affair with yellow for years now but we kinda parted ways for a while after I lived in a house that had every room painted the same light buttery yellow.  We're good now though and back together and I am loving everything yellow at the moment. 


This was gonna be a gift but alas, I loved it
and now I gotta make another one. I'm gonna start making these in twos from now on:)
This is my  $2 dress!!   Not to mention my $2 necklace (i added the flower) and my $2 bracelet (i should have taken a close-up so you can see it in all its glory! Bling!)  My girls used to be so embarrassed when someone would compliment something I was wearing and after thanking them, I would then tell them how cheap I got it or that it came from a thrift store.  They would be like "MOMMA, can't you just say thank you?!!"  
Now, they are just as thrifty as I am and love a good thrift store beauty as much as I do.  Ahh....I've taught them well :)
(Thinking about creating a page with pics of my favorite thrift store outfits
...we'll see)

This post was a nice break in between dealing with auto insurance claims and making pickles.  Actually, Nick made the pickles. Can't wait to taste them!!!  ( He just passed by while I was posting this and saw my picture and said "Who is that lady? I haven't seen her around here lately".  Oops!!  I guess that means its time for me to take a shower, fix my hair and "put on my face"!!!  
Good thing we have church tonight!  lol)

Stephanie :)


  1. I am so crushing on yellow right now! :)
    I love it! xx

  2. Love that blue! Do you sell your necklaces on Etsy?

    Thanks for stopping by Homemaker Honey blog today. May God bless your heart, husband, and home!

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  3. I so love The Blue. Please sell them!


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