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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Julia Rose

To my sweet Jules,
 Today you turn one! Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday we were screaming with excitement over the big news that you were on your way. Your mommy told me by letting your big sister carry the pregnancy test your mommy took into the kitchen and hand it to me.  I felt my heart expand that very moment and I haven't stopped loving you since.
We waited and waited for your arrival and it seemed like you wanted to live in your mommy's tummy forever! Your favorite place to be is still in her arms. You are a mommy's girl for sure.

Finally, the big day came!! Your Honey was so excited your momma let me be in the room when you were born.  I witnessed you take your first breath and heard your very first cry!  Oh, did you know how to squeal..right from the start!
Look how beautiful you are! And look how beautiful your momma was just minutes after you were born!  It was hard work for her but you were worth every minute of it!
Ain't your momma just gorgeous?! She does a great job having babies!

Here is your daddy holding you.  Can't you see how much he adored you from the moment he laid eyes on you. He couldn't wait to hold his princess in his arms.  He is a great man who loves Jesus and His Word.  Always pay special attention to what he tells you and the instruction he gives you...He spends a lot of time talking to Jesus about you and your sister and mommy.  You can always trust him.  Plus...  he is a ton of fun too!! He couldn't wait till you were old enough to throw into the air like your sissy. 

I can only imagine what you were thinking as you looked into the eyes of these two people the Lord chose to be your parents. You were so content....its as if you knew already they were your boo boo kissing, protecting, bug squishing, bedtime story reading, milk providing, snotty nose wiping, spit up wearing  parents who would give up their lives in a heartbeat to protect you from anything.  Such love.

 And if all that love wasn't enough, you were blessed to have a big sissy!  Rosalyn was waiting for you to get here so she could finally meet her best friend!
You and your sister are so blessed to have each other.  You will always have someone to share your dreams with and your secrets with. Soon y'all will have tea parties together and play dress up. So much fun to share with each other!!

Here is your Paw Paw Nick getting his first peek at you.  Oh how he adores you!  He is such a strong man, but you and your sister bring out the tenderness in him. 

 I'm just so blessed to be your Honey.

 Here is your entire big old family who was there to celebrate YOU! We all love you to pieces!
I could eat your sweet little cheeks right up!

look how happy you make your mommy and daddy!
Well that was one incredible, special, remarkable, fabulous day...June 29, 2010! 

Now, one year later, here you are!

 You are so spunky and funny!  You keep us laughing with your silliness.

You and your sissy are already such best friends!

Keep smiling Miss Julia Rose.  Your Honey loves you so much.  I  promise to bring you before Jesus every day and will help point you to Him with each fun step you take!
Happy First Birthday J-Rosie!!

Honey :)


  1. needed to put a Kleenex warning on this post.

  2. awwwww...seriously what a sweet, sweet, post!

  3. omg totally crying over here!!! :) they are both just precious!!


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