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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spend the Day Playing

I'm so new to the blogging world and yet already I am discovering so many amazing ladies with incredible testimonies and talents.  I have loved reading how the Lord is working in so many ways through so many people using so many circumstances to glorify Himself through their lives.  As we all either have learned or will learn, we are taught the most through the lessons God chooses that we would never choose for ourselves.  I have been encouraged by the transparency of the ladies who are sharing their journeys with the world.

And one of the sweet ladies I have "met" is Gussy.  She has such a sweetness about her and is quite talented too.  She sews super cute stuff.  Click here to see what I am talking about! I am "linking up" with her each week for her inspirational worksop.  This weeks theme is "Spend the Day Playing".

Well, now that I'm a grandma,  we have learned a little bit of how to spend a day playing when the kiddi-poos are here...ok, ok..that's  pretty much all we do when they are here  :)   Here is one of those days from last summer when we had Miss Rosalyn hang out at Honey and Paw Paw's.

Starting the day sitting in the "big chair"at breakfast  with her "big girl plate" :)

Then off to help Paw Paw water all of Honey's flowers.

Next is a little morning swim to cool off.

After lunch, she and  Paw Paw washed their "rides" together.

Now it's Sprinkler Time!!!

Picking tomatoes with Paw Paw
Notice her super adorable outfit...her momma just cringes when we text pics of activites at Honey's. lol! Here she is wearing her pajama top, huggies diaper, and her flip-flops at about three in the afternoon. lol

Paw Paw taught her to only pick the red ones :)

Playing in the afternoon sun.

Wrapping up the day with a little baking in the kitchen with Honey.
All in a days fun at Paw Paw and Honey's ;)

I am excited because BOTH the girls are coming for a few days to stay.  I'm sure I will share a little of what takes place at "Camp Honey' in the coming days :)  It will most definitely consist of fun!!

Stephanie :)


  1. Oh I love the one of her washing her car and the last picture of the two of you! What a fun Grandma you are!

  2. GREAT pictures!! You sure know how to play :)

  3. I LOVE LOVE that last photo! Some of my favorite memories are with you in the kitchen, I am sure your sweet Grandbabies will have the same :)


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