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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Simple Life

The Lord has really been working "overtime" on me this past year in lessons He is teaching me.  Through various ways He has taught me the value and joy in
 What I once would have been bored with, I know find enthralling. I love how life evolves and that you're never too old to learn what's important in this brief life we've been given.

I'm blessed to have a husband who allows me to do whatever I 
want to when it comes to decorating our home. 
I just painted my kitchen this week.  It used to be orange. Now its blue.

His attitude when it comes to how our home is decorated is, "If it makes her happy, it makes me happy".  He genuinely finds delight in finding ways to delight me.  He's awesome, I know.   
Anyways, he lets me take care of the inside of our home while he delights in what goes on outside.

Now during  these lessons in simplicity, the Lord has revealed to me Nick's gift in growing things. 
 He has quite the green thumb.  
He took such great care of these little tomatoes that not only did they produce all the way into November last year!!...they popped back up all on their own this year.  They must love him as much as I do :)
And as a part these lessons, the Lord moved us to a place where we could cultivate the joy of the simple life.  I mean literally.... He moved us.  Out in the country.  Waaaay out in the country.....
 40 miles to town and 17 miles to the first gas station.   

Today, as I declined a chance to head to town for some thrift shopping, to stay home and a work in Nick's garden with him,  it dawned on me how genuinely excited I was about the plans for the day.  I think if the Lord graded papers for the tests He gives us, I would have gotten a A+  with a big smiley face on top my paper.  I'm getting it Lord.....I'm getting it! :)

Here are some of the amazing things Nick has been up to..
Enjoy a little slice of my life way out here in the beautiful Boondocks :)

  Well there ya have it...just a little touch of the prettiness I'm surrounded with.  Now don't get me wrong...I still love a good trip to Dirt Cheap to dig for "treasures' but I am SO digging all the treasures I have had right here under my nose all along. :)


ps. all these pics were taken by my husband :)  As you can see, he already values the beauty of simplicity and I'm thankful he is sharing that with others...especially me!

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