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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rolling in the green...Rich indeed!!!

So our garden is growing and God is blessing and we are reaping a harvest.  Can you say cucumber rich?! So what does one do with all these cucumbers?  Why..... make pickles of course!

   Our morning pickin

 Making the brine.
 The lovely jars that have now become a hot commodity to me. Funny how you can think so little of a thing until you need it.
 (I'm ashamed to admit how many of these I've thrown away)
 Kind of reminds me of how we treat God's Word at times.  ~ sigh.
 It's beginning to look a lot like pickles!

 sealing em shut
Aren't they just lovely?

Me enjoying a pickle this morning right after my second cup of coffee. 
Can someone say delicious!!!

Happy Thursday !
Stephanie :)


  1. oh, we have a huge garden and my hubby would be so happy if i'd do lots of canning. i just don't LOVE it! your jars look lovely though~great job!

  2. My biggest contribution to this project was picking em and eating em! I'll let my hubby know though! I'm sure he has great hopes for me too!lol ;)

  3. Love this! You & your blog is so cute :) Came over from Gussy! Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah (The Marathon Mommy)

  4. Just wanted to tell you "I Love YOU," and how I'm always blessed by your courage and creativity... I'm glad you're my bride!!!

    Keep sharing your blessing with the world :)

  5. blessed that God chose me for you to share this journey with! I love you too :)


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