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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hi- tech Honeying

Being a long distance grandma can sometimes stink.  OK, just plains stinks.  All of you grannies who live next door or down the road from your little sweethearts, don't take that privilege for granted.  I would love to have my grand kids walk across the yard and surprise me with a big unannounced, unplanned, super big hug around my neck.  But.... that is not the path the Lord has chosen for our family.  AND...He blessed me with a new computer recently and I have been introduced to the wonderful world of Skyping!

I may not get a actual hug around the neck but this is most definitely the next best thing....

 Coffee and a "conference call" from Miss Rosalyn...yes folks, she knows how to do it all by herself.  She "calls" us on a regular basis.  Love!
So we were blessed to start this day out with singing "Jesus Loves Me" and talking about what washes away our sin.   Rosalyn loves to sing it loud...."Nothing but the blood of Jesus"!!  (Her Paw Paw Nick has been working on that song with her since before she could talk.)

 And of course we love convos with our sweet Jules!!  She loves to blow kisses.  Although, by this point, her big sissy had found her passy for her and she was quite content  with just clapping her hands.

 We always end the calls with big kisses from each other.. This is Rosalyn giving us hers.

Yeah, I may not have them across the yard.  BUT  they are only one click away of a "virtual" hug and kiss.

The Lord interrupted our family's life back in 1997 and we have never looked back.  He saved me and Nick and then called us into full time ministry.  I have prayed that all three of my girls would love and marry men who would give their lives to serving Jesus and people.  Looks like God is honoring my prayer....hence the reason for "hi-tech Honeying".  The Lord called my son-in-law to minister full time to students in a church about three hours away.   He has grown us all through the changes and I can actually say,  gulp,  I'm thankful for it. (the Lord is so awesome how He does stuff like that)

My other two daughters have fallen in love with  guys who love Jesus too.  We are waiting for the "talk" any day from Marcus asking for our blessing to marry Lydia...He's full time student minister too.
Lauren's love of her life, Blake, feels called into ministry and is making all of his future plans around that.  (They are both seniors, so we still have plenty of time left with her... whew!)

My girls and their men.

Anyways, Elizabeth said this past weekend, "Momma, you must have been crazy praying for the Lord to use us all in ministry!  Didn't you realize that would mean we will probably all never get to live near each other!?!"    I have thought about that and at times,  there is a part of me that would love to build a  big commune and have all our family right on top of each other. But that thought only last a few seconds as I think about the sacrifices Jesus made on my behalf and His great love towards me.  
That compels me as a momma, to let go.
This is why the Lord gave them to me for a season... to raise them up to send them out. 
As every momma and grandma knows, it's through His strength that letting go is possible.

and of course skype, ichat and facetime sure does ease the pain!   ;)
 This Honey is ever grateful for technology!!


  1. we love skype! so cute, our little man LOVES to skype his gma and gpa. :)


  2. I'm sure his gma and gpa love it too :) Love your blog by the way!


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