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Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Grandchildren,
Your Honey and Paw Paw miss you very much.  We had so much fun together when you were here.  Thanks for making my patio so pretty.  Now I can think of y'all every time I see it. Can't wait til Christmas!!  
ps. the donkeys said to tell y'all they miss you too!

Dear Chris and Elizabeth,
 I've said it before and I'll say it again...thanks for sharing your children with all of us down here.  I know what a sacrifice that is to let them go for so long and be so far away for y'all.  We never take that for granted.  And're gonna do great at the seminary craft bazaar tomorrow. I know God will bless your hard work as you work with your hands to bless and provide for your family.  You are a bon-ee-fide Proverbs 31 woman now!

Dear Kayli,
We were so tickled we got to help you celebrate your birthday this year.  You are truly one of the sweetest young ladies I know.  Your heart for people and the way you care about everyone's feelings is such an example to others...even us grownups.  I hope that never changes about you no matter how old you get.

Dear Heather,
Thank you for still being obsessed about NYC and wanting to talk about it and reminisce. I don't know if we will ever calm down or get over it...and I'm not sure if I want to. So glad it happened....together.  

Dear Porterville Night,
Thanks for the memories made last Monday delivered as always. 

Dear MCC Cosmetology Department,
Thanks for teaching Lauren how to do hair.  It's gonna be nice having a built in beauty operator. And a big Hi to all the sweet girls I met while I was there all day. Especially Jennifer...the best  assistant extraordinaire in all the school.  Early congrats for graduation next month!  The Lord has the perfect place set aside for you to do your thing. 

Dear Lauren,
I guess I can officially call you my new stylist since you did such a great job.  Woop Woop!  Now on to that pedicure you've been promising :)

Dear Children of mine,
Your fall festival costumes were ah-maz-ing this year.  You blew your old momma away with your creativity and your frugality. Seriously....I am supa proud of y'all.
Cutest ever!!

Dear Residents of New York and New Jersey,
  In my recent visit to y'alls states I received nothing but kindness from everyone I encountered.  Y'all were willing to help two lost and scared southern girls who knew nothing about  subways and how to get around your beautiful big city. I left a little piece of my heart in the Big Apple and please know this Mississippi girl is praying for y'all.

Well that's it for this edition of Friday's Letters.
It's good to be back.  


  1. What absolutely adorable Grans and kids too!

    And, love the Halloween costumes, how clever!

    Oh, I love my hair stylist too, no one hardly knows me better or can make me happier. :o)

    Happy weekend!

  2. You have a keeper for a stylist! Cute do! Hope those patio drawing last a long time and bring you many smiles.

  3. Your letters are always super fun to read. Always.

    Ya'll crack me up.

  4. My grandmama and my mama were beauticians. My sister and I broke that streak, but it sure is nice having a mama to fix my hair. Your Lauren did a fabulous job!

    Sweet times with family make life wonderful, no?

  5. love these letters!! my sister started hair school///I trade her hot meals for haircuts :)

  6. your porterville night hat is adorbs!

    i want your daughter to make my hair look awesome. how much is plane ticket from my neck of the woods to yours?

    i have a give away happening at my place. come enter!

  7. Well you know this made my KK smile really big. Thank ya'll for coming and celebrating with us/her! It was extra special and we all enjoyed it so much! And as for us...I have a feeling we're going to be reminiscing for a long time to come. The Lord knew just what we needed and who knew it would be NY. Something you and I shared together that neither of us had ever done or experienced before. It's on my top 5 bestest list!! Fo who. :)

  8. Another great edition of Friday letters! Your grandchildren are adorable!!


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