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Thursday, November 15, 2012

That day our daughter had us over for dinner....

It is such a wonderful and strange feeling when you get invited over to your daughter's new home for the very first time to eat supper.  
It's wonderful because  this is what you have raised her up to be... 
a keeper of her home, with a heart for hospitality to use her home to be a blessing to others.

Yet is strange because here is your little girl all grown up.
She's no longer playing house.
This is her house.
She no longer lives with you and her daddy.
She lives here with her husband.

All of the giggling and dreaming and designing and planning that she has done through the years with her sisters has finally come to pass.  
It's no longer a dream but a reality.
And now she has invited me and her daddy over to eat a meal that she has prepared for the first time.
She is nervous and excited and proud all at the same time....wanting it all to be perfect.

And it was. Absolutely perfect.
Here is a glimpse of that night..

The beautiful hostess.
Mrs. Linton

Her happy front porch.

Her serene and cozy living room.

Mr. Linton 

 Enjoying the fellowship that night with my big brother.

About to ask the blessing and thank God for all He has done and provided.

The Meal:
Crawfish chowder,
Boiled shrimp, sausage and mushrooms
Salad and bread

She did an amazing job.
We felt so spoiled and pampered.

I'm so proud of her homemaking skills.
She has created an environment that is inviting and lovely.

There will be plenty of fellowships and meals at her house together but there is only one first time.
Mrs. Linton your first time was magical!

Yes....all this is strange and wonderful to have two of my daughters all grown up and living in their own homes and their little sister standing in line ready for her turn to become a Mrs.  
As I stood there watching Mrs. Linton in her apron, smiling and enjoying her self,
I had a full heart of gratitude.  Thankful for God allowing me the privilege of being their momma.

Stephanie :)

ps.  We've been invited to supper tonight!  Gonna be heading that way in a couple of hours.
Aghh... Life is grand.


  1. Seriously brought tears to my eyes. You are such a wonderful mama and a great example for those of us who had mama's that weren't. I know this is MY chance with my kids to give them my best and pray that they do embrace whatever calling the Lord places on them. I want to be a mom like you. Thank you for sharing! For a daughter to KNOW that her mother delights in is a wonderful gift. I can only imagine how much these words mean to your girls!

  2. wow her house is gorgeous!! I think you should do a tour of YOUR home Stephanie! From what I see on Instagram it is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Stephanie, your daughter has done you proud! She has made an absolutely divine home, I love her sense of style and colour. I am sure she's been genetically blessed by her Mum!

  4. You did a great job, Mama. What a lovely home she has. (I second Ruthie's comment. We want to see your home.)

    When our daughter invited us over for our first dinner at her home, she and her husband told us they were expecting our first grandbaby! I'll always remember it.

  5. This is beautiful!
    Love those photos! Her home is definitely warm and cozy looking!
    I hope someday I'll be able to take the same types of photos and post a similar post about my girl... until then, I'll make the most of her being a wee one still. =)

  6. Sweet daughter, sweet son in law, sweet mom, sweet dad (and sweet sisters too)! Love you all so much! (sg)

  7. nothing new here...just holding back tears! ;) That's very very sweet! And such a blessing that she lives near you and is able to host y'all!!! Her home is beautiful!

  8. Well, they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so I'm betting she learned from the best. What a lovely, warm and inviting home they have. It is so much fun to watch our children blossom and grow into the adults we hoped they would become. Lovely post!

  9. Oh love it! The green rug and the touches from the wedding.... :sigh: Stick a roll in your purse for me, mm-kay?

  10. how sweet and special, i loved this on so many levels! i can't wait til i can go to my girls someday for dinner and see her in action and her environment that she will be surrounded by. How pleasing!


  11. Cute house! Adorably decorated too!



  12. Hi Steph! This is Pamela Stein (ex The French Bird- now: Love bound) . While I was reading this post, all I could think of is when my little Abi Liv gets to have her own house!!! (I could ball my eyes out right now lol). You must be a super proud mom! You can tell she has a great example of a homemaker to look up to. I really wish I get to meet you some day :)


  13. Your family is such a blessing to me. I love reading about all the love that you share, it inspires me to adopt some of the ideas and foundations you share with my own family.

    Lydia has made such a beautiful home, I remember what it was like to "set up" my house. It is indeed such a wonderful and exciting time to become the keeper of your house. So glad you all had such a special night :)

  14. What a blessing! I'm in love with her living room rug! Where did she get it? What brand? Thanks so much!

  15. you can really see all the love in the details! so sweet ;)

    we make corn chowder///look very similar to the crawfish chowder : )

  16. What a lovely home she has made! I think you should encourage her to start blogging herself! I know she has a bazillion IG followers who would love to get to know her better through a blog! :)


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