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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Embracing the camera....and wrinkles.

These days I tend to shy away from being in front of the camera.
It usually takes a couple of tries to get an angle that is flattering.
That's what 30 extra pounds will do y'all.
 But... embrace is my word of the year remember?
(I have more to tell you about this amazing cuff and my sweet friend who makes them..
but until then, here is her shop.  I highly recommend owning one (or two) of these)

So I'm relearning to embrace the camera...
In our recent visit to our daughter and son-in-laws in North Carolina,
 Elizabeth convinced us to do a photo shoot.  
I have some darling ones of their family and the grandkids that I can't wait to share.  
But today you get me.
My favorite ones aren't the posed ones but the candid ones that Elizabeth captured.
These are me. The real me.
The laughing so hard it get's ugly me.
I don't even remember what I was laughing at. Who knows.
I'm just tickled my girls will have these to look back on and remember me in action.

(my eyes just turn into slits and disappear when I laugh.)

And while I'm talking about being thankful,
I'm so thankful for this man and how he loves me.

I look at these pictures and see the wrinkles around my eyes and his gray in his beard and I don't cringe at all when I see it.
In fact, I totally embrace it, knowing what they represent.
Time the Lord has given us together.
Our life.
I love this new look on us.

I call it "Growing old together gracefully".
Thank You Lord.

Stephanie :)
a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! You two make a beautiful couple :-)

  2. growing old together beautifully, too.

    beautiful smile. your whole face lights up.

  3. You are so beautiful!! Y'all lead such beautiful lives representing an even more Gorgeous Savior!!! Praise the Lord for growing old together!!!! :)

  4. Poppin' over from ETC.

    I absolutely love these shots. So very real and beautiful! You should embrace the camera more often!

  5. Contentment. That is what I see, when I look at the pic of you and your wonderful husband. Beautiful.

  6. you are so cute!

    i have never seen an unflattering picture of you!

  7. My hubby is getting some grey and I just love it:)
    You two are such a beautiful couple!!

  8. Sweetest post ever. How is it that I love you and don't even know you?! Those pictures of you are amazing! I teared up a bit when you were talking about your hubby and how the Lord has given you this time together. SUCH sweetness. xo

  9. Absolutely beautiful inside and out!

  10. you are gorgeous my friend...I think the pictures of you and your hubby could be in a magazine!

  11. OH! How I love this post! You are so beautiful Stephanie!!!! These pictures are truly amazing! What a wonderful story you have and an amazing testimony that you share!

    You better blow these pictures up life size! They are awesome!!!!!!!

  12. Beautiful inside and out.
    Love you!

  13. i love this. you are SO beautiful!!!

  14. Andrea J. (chattmom)November 1, 2012 at 6:58 PM

    Beautiful post, beautiful words, beautiful photos...and fun!
    Thanks for this.

  15. Truly stunning! You are a gorgeous woman and your words are lovely. I'm working on embracing things as well. Perhaps I will make it my word of 2013 :)

  16. You are truly gorgeous. And I so live your love for your husband for life. Refreshing

  17. as i have said before(do i sound like a broken record?),
    you are beautyFULL and it truly comes from the inside out!
    the love and joy of the Lord radiates from your being!
    you absolutely MUST frame some of those pics.
    LOVE them.

  18. These are great Stephanie! You can't help but feel good looking at them, the laughter on your face just radiates joy out the computer and right to me!

    And can I just say you guys are the most beautiful couple. Seriously.

    Happy Weekend!

  19. I love this. And I LOVE the encouragement you give to all women; to love who they are, wrinkles and all. I'm incredibly blessed with a husband that loves me: short hair, long hair, extra weight, mood swings, scary morning face, etc. He loves ME. Thank you for sharing this post... you're awesome!

  20. Good heavens you are stunning!!!! Love the one with the blanket wrapped around you guys:)))) love your heart friend!

  21. hey I really like your blog and reading about your life and your thoughts! May the Lord bless you and your family a big time!
    Greetings from snowy Finland ;)

    P.s. You're beautiful.


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