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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just a taste...

Hi y'all. Yes...I'm still alive and well. 
I know all you hear are crickets chirping I've been gone so long.
I told a sweet friend my blog has cobwebs on it and her reply was great;
"Well, your life doesn't have cobwebs!  That's what matters.  Sometimes it's fun to just live, like blogging memories in your heart and head, rather than online."
Such truth.
I've had a FULL last three weeks.
And I WILL share all the memories and all the stuff the Lord has taught me through all my journeys on here to have it documented for my family for years to come.
But until then..

Here's a taste...

I've been road tripping, meeting new lifelong friends, seeing fall foliage in Lake Placid, hiking with my sis-in-law, riding new york subways, hanging out in New York City, waking up to all three grandchildren, spending time with chris and elizabeth, feeding donkeys, riding 4 wheelers, hearing my man preach revivals, worshipping with my kids......and that is seriously just a taste.

I can't wait to share all  my adventures.
But it ain't over yet.

We still have to bring the grand babies back to their mom and dad this week so we have one more big road trip.  We're taking Maw Maw D with us this it will be the great grand maw, the grand parents and the grand kids...... that's a lot of GRAND up in the van so it should be good.

I'll be back soon!!
Stephanie :)


  1. so glad you've had such a wonderful past few weeks. you are blessed! :)

  2. I know you've had tons of fun that last several weeks! I look forward to reading about all the stories behind the pictures.

  3. such good things happening! following you on IG is such a blessing. #funcity
    been praying for your meetings. :)
    and i IS so nice to just live and enjoy and not worrying about getting it all on the internet, but i think that's more MY heart issue than anything. :)

    ps i am SO sorry for not responding to your email. its seriously been haunting me! i'm glad you enjoyed the music on my blog. it is all from you tube on my very own little mixpod that i created. :) if you click on my little ipoddy thingy, it will take you to the song on you tube. :)

  4. Sounds like a full and wonderful life! Sometimes I feel guilty about not keeping up with my blog, and then I remind myself that I own the blog, it does not own me. :)

  5. Looking forward to hearing all the details. Great photo collage, can tell there is definitely LOTS to share. Happy week!

  6. Okay, so, I had to do like, a quadruple-take ... Because in no way do you look like a grandmother! Wowza! :)

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

  7. Looks like sooo much fun! And I LOVE that quote at the top. :)

    I hope you are having a slendid day.


  8. Glad you are back somewhat. I've been checking in to read more from you, but also happy that you have been out and about living life. Your blog we'll be here when you get back and so will I ;) have fun on that "Grand" trip. What a gift to have you all together.

  9. so glad to "see you."

    looking forward to catching up.

    great photos.

    enjoy all the "grand"ing.

  10. you are one amazing lady!! i love following along on your adventures on IG. it's a good abundant one...just as promised:))))


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