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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

It's been a while since I linked up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy.
Gosh...I think this might only be my second time actually.
I need to do it more beings that she started "WIWW"  to help us mommas and housewives get motivated to get out of our sweat pants and t-shirts and into "real" clothes each day.
I always feel kinda silly posing and taking pics of myself and stuff.
However, if you are on Instagram, there is a darling lady named Christina, (@littfashiondiary)  who has started a hashtag called #fashiondiaries.  My girls love it!

You can get some really great ideas from so many creative, talented women. 
Christina loves to encourage making amazing outfits by thrift shopping and she can rock wearing glasses better than anybody I've seen...gorgeous!!
She's got a blog if you'd like to check it out.
(She has some super cute free printables on there right now..cuz she's just sweet like that.)

So with no further adu...
Here are a couple of my outfits lately...
My favorite necklace made by my sis-n-law Heather. love.
My converse that I bought at, you guessed it..... Dirt Cheap.
A cardi from Old Navy.

I just read in a magazine where pointy toe heels are "in" and square toe heels are "out".
Well, whatever....I have several shoes with square toes that are my faves and they will continue to be worn. BUT hey....these heels I've been wearing for about 8 years now are "in" again! Woo hoo :)

My favorite part about this outfit besides the fact that it is entirely thrifted and yellow,
is the pom poms on my lace scarf ($2) and these earrings ($.75). 
They both were bought at Dirt Cheap. Holla.

And here's a little "hippy" shirt that I found at the thrift store the last time me and my girls were there. Lydia wasn't crazy about it, but for me it was love at first sight.

And paired with these $1 wooden and crochet earrings from the Beehive 
it couldn't get much better!

...Oh, but it does!
See this bracelet?
It was my Maw Maw Eleanor's.
It has all 12 of her grand kids on there.
 Each bootie has our name and birth date engraved on the bottom.
My Aunt recently passed it on to me...
(which I feel extremely blessed since 5 of the shoes on here belong to her kids)
 Anyway, I think she asked and none of them wanted it and I am so thankful!
 I love it! (thanks to any of you Berry's who might be reading this)

 All of us cousins and my two brothers who are on the bracelet are all grown now.  The oldest one, being my big bro, is pushing 50!  Yowza!  Funny thing is, I'm the only one out of the 12 who is a grandparent!  And I've got 8 little "booties" who are older than me on there.  craziness. 

I hope you're having a great middle of the week!
Now, I gotta go change out of these sweat pants :)

Stephanie :)


  1. LOVE all your awesome jewelry and the fact that you thrift. I need to start doing that, but my brain has a hard time shopping for things that aren't organized by color, size ect. I'm kind of a freak. :)

  2. I need you to shop for me! Love that baby bootie bracelet.

  3. Great outfits. I have shoes that are really old, but nice, and isn't it amazing how they come back in style. If they are comfortable, I keep them.

  4. OK, I LOVE your hippie shirt!! But I'm sure that's no shock, especially since I'm rockin' the "faux dreads" today. LoL

  5. very cute!
    you and i must be cut from the same cloth, because converse with silly socks popped up on the dashboard is how i roll.
    that g-ma bracelet is a priceless heirloom! i MUST remember to have a g-ma bracelet. MUST.

  6. HOW AHdorable are you!? Super duper cute! Love the yellow on you and that hippie top is darling on you! Who cares what is in or out, just be you and wear what you love! xo

  7. What a great bracelet!! How sweet- I love sentimental gifts like that! The outfits are cute too! :)
    (Colleen) @ PaRtY of 5

  8. lookin' super sweet! :)
    love your style.

  9. I'm loving the colors in your second outfit and the awesome blinging accessories you paired with it. Have a happy day Stephanie!


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