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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Ultimate love. John 3:16
I'm so thankful to have received the ultimate love.The love of my Redeemer who save me from a horrible pit and transformed my life.
The ultimate valentine; John 3:16
The Saviors love that taught me how to love others.

john 3:16 - the story behind this picture is amazing

I'm also thankful for my husband who has loved me, and wooed me and romanced me for a lifetime in front of our daughters.
He set a standard in their lives of what love looks like...what love acts like..One of kissing in the kitchen, holding hands in the car, raving over the cooking even when its a little burnt, and still calling me his bride even though we said "I do" almost 24 years ago.
They watched their daddy love me through sickness and in health...when I couldn't do simple things like.. put on my pants, take a shower, or go to the bathroom....he was there by my side helping me, encouraging me, and loving me through it.And they saw it all.
so true

As I think about my girls and the "Valentines" who have stolen their hearts,
I'm thankful. 
 All three love Jesus.
 All three make my daughters laugh. 
 And all three love our girls in their own unique way.

Christopher is crazy thoughtful...showing his love to Elizabeth in practical ways. 
 And with three children, ages 3 and under...when he does the dishes and gives the kids their baths...
it makes her heart swoon!
They are the epitome of teamwork. The way they roll is just inspiring. 
They are the coolest family on the planet.

Marcus is crazy funny. He and Lydia have this quirky humor that cracks me up.  
They act "mean" to each other all the while they both are loving every minute of it.  Marcus is not threatened by Lydia's obsessive infatuations of celebrities, musician, or even fictional characters.. (her most current is Peeta).  Marcus has a few of his own, but his are all super heroes or old country singersThey are two peas in a pod.  But in all honesty, everyone knows Marcus won Lydia over the very first time she heard him pick the banjo.

And then we have Blake.  Blakey Poo.  
Blake is crazy cheesy and corny in a fierce kind of way and Lauren LOVES it.
Those two are like walking Hallmark cards and could absolutely care less who likes all their mushy gushy sentiments and who doesn't.   From writing essays in school professing his love for her, to being so overcome by love that he accidentally sent a "love text" to me and his coach once by mistake. um....awkward. 

Yes, I'm thankful for my girls and their Valentines.
I'm thankful they are being loved on just the way God created their hearts to be loved...each with their own special desires to be fulfilled.

And I'm thankful for my Valentine.

We have that settled in "I know everything about you there is to know" kind of love,
yet I still get surprised by the new kinds of ways he finds to love me.
 In spite of being so familiar with each other, our relationship isn't stale or boring.
It's exciting and our love seems to a grow deeper with each new season we find ourselves in.

That kind of love ain't from the world, or movies, or a romance novel.

It only exist because of the love Jesus imputed in our hearts when he saved us.
And for that I am most thankful.
Happy Valentines Day!

Stephanie :)
(All the valentine images are from Pinterest)


  1. happy day of LOVE, sweetie heart.
    i appreciate you, enjoy your day xo

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Stephanie! I hope you get to enjoys all your loves today ;)

  3. thanks for sharing all your loves!! you & your husband look so youthful. that's encouraging. also, i laughed out loud that blake accidentally sent a love text to you and his coach. haha :]

  4. Beautiful! You are truly blessed! Loved all the pics- beautiful family!
    Happy Valentine's!!
    Colleen @ PaRtY of 5

  5. so sweet! i love the picture with "valentine" spelled vertically in the scripture. so cool! :)

  6. You're the best mama! Hope your love day was wonderful!

  7. i like you.

    and your words.

    my kids have watched my husband faithfully love me through some difficult. seen jesus in it too.

    i rejoice that you and your girls have found authentic love.

    i have great expectation for my own children!

  8. what a great post! So true about daughter growing up to see how their mothers are treated!!

  9. What a sweet post! And a blessed family!

  10. Beautiful post full of love! So many blessings. Love, love, love it! :)

  11. why are you always making me cry?! This is beautiful. I pray for those types of relationship for all my children. What a blessing. xoxo


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