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Friday, February 24, 2012

Things I'm Loving

A few things I've been lovin' this week..

Shrimp Po boys

Perculated coffee

Escorts to the mailbox by  this sweet nephew.

Big crowds for Face Time.

Lunch Dates with this sweet niece.

Wearing these shoes.

Visits with my favorite aunt in the world..and knowing I'll always be her "Queen Bee" even though she has a ton of grandkids and great grand kids of her own.

 Getting to see my best friend and laughing when we both showed up wearing black and gray.

Walking past this frog to see it grew hair over night compliments of
 Sissy Holden and a new pelt from Ms. Gretchen.

Rides down the Lake Road.

Random discoveries of pink tombs. wow.

Muddy little boys having good old fashioned fun.

And I'm loving linking up with the lovely Kristy and Rachel  and Jeannett today.

What's some things you've been lovin' lately?



  1. My Mama would want to be buried in that pink casket if she saw it. Oh my goodness. So crazy.

  2. Lake road scenery is gorgeous! It is so nice that you are surrounded my such a group of loving people.

  3. Lots of things certainly worth loving! Those shoes are so adorable :) Have a great weekend Stephanie!

  4. Had a bad week, so I can't think of much...I did get a laugh at you and your bff wearing similar outfits. :) When I still lived at home and worked for my dad, every morning I'd take my clothes upstairs for my mom to iron for me. She'd then pick out his outfit to match what I was wearing, iron it and give it to him to wear. She thought she was so hilarious. I guess if it makes her day. :)

  5. Lots of good thing! I hope I am a mom that will let her little boys play in the mud!

    I loev the picture of Lake Road- gorgeous!

  6. What a week you had, exciting to catch up! That coffin, that's unbelievable.
    Cute face timin, love it!
    Sweet times for you, ...........BFF's rock. And that pic along the road...sweetness defined.

  7. I love your taste in clothing fashion! What a fun week you had. Thanks for letting me peek into your life.

  8. your pics are so pretty. love all the loving this week. looks so good.

  9. I always drool over your beautiful photos!! Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

  10. how sweet to hang out with your niece!

  11. I have been reading your blog for a while now and just wanted to pop in and say how inspiring your "thankfulness" is. I love your emphasis on family and the things in life that really matter! Beautiful job!

  12. I just discovered your blog a few days ago and I can't quit reading! I just love your family, our values and your faith!! You are an inspiration :) Thank you for sharing!!


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