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Friday, February 3, 2012


If you're on Instagram, then my title made perfect sense to you.
This hashtag has flooded IG over the month of January and has become, well quite honestly....
It's a fun little photo challenge that gives you a different prompt for each day.  
It has truly been a delight and has given me a glimpse into the lives of so many friends..old and new while allowing them a peek into mine.
I wasn't gonna jump on board at first because I was already doing my Everyday Thanks pics but I caved and joined in.  And I'm so glad I did... FUN stuff. 
I mean I take pictures of everything anyways...right?
I'm thinking this will definitely be made into a hardcover book at the end of the year.
A book of snippets, glimpses, and preferences...all in neat little squares.  
Yep. I can already picture it on my coffee table. 
Below are all the pics from January.  I numbered the first one but then decided that was too much work.. Besides, y'all are smart folks..left to right.. top to bottom.
  1. Me
  2. Breakfast
  3. Something I adore: the fact that this man will watch Tangled with his granddaughters because they love it so much and he loves them so much and I love him so much. ~sigh. I adore him.
  4. Letterbox:  I learned this was another name for a mailbox.  This is the view my letterbox gets to look at every day. Pretty nice huh! 

 5.  Something I wore:  my yellow scarf from my's kinda one of my favorite colors     if you can't tell
6.   Makes you smile:  after 25 years of being "his girl" I'm still smiling :)  A lot.
7.   Favorite:  My all time favorite  place to shop.
8.   My sky:  took this one as I walked  to church.

 9. Daily Routine
10. Childhood: a friend gave me this little box when I was in 2nd grade and I was so disappointed with it so I gave it to my  mom who put Q-tips in it.  Well, it moved out with me years later when I got married and has been storing our Q-tips  ever since!
11.Where I sleep
12.Close up
13. What's in my bag
14. What I'm reading: it's one I re-read often...I want to point them to Jesus and have a blast while I do it!
15. Happiness:  for years now I always do a "high kick" as my family pulls out of the driveway as they leave from a visit.  I've now taught my grand kids to do it.  But what brings me MUCH happiness today is looking back as I pulled out on my way to stay with our daughter a few days  and I see my husband, the pastor, doing a high kick for his suit!! Oh how I love that man!
16. Morning:  "Au Naturael"....bed head and all :)
17.  Water:  not sure if there will be any room for me in this bathtub.  #grandkids
18.  Something I bought:  mustard suede booties for $1.99
19.  Sweet:  both my girls randomly gave me happies today :)
20. Someone I love

21.  Reflection:  (I'm watching you Nick Holden and you be looking fine!)
22.  My Shoes:  Compliments of my sweet Lydia
23.  Something old:  These are my painting clothes.  They've been with me through 5 houses and the Lord only knows how many room makeovers!
24.  My Guilty Pleasure:  Disney's Good Luck Charlie... I watch it even when the grand kids aren't here!  I'm pretty sure me and Amy Duncan are kindred spirits.
25.  Something I made:  with the help of Nickie Holden and God.
26.  Color: .....PINK!  I have a feeling I'll be seeing LOTS of this color from now til June.
27.  Lunch:  Ate these in the car with my way excited husband on the ride home...these were his absolute favorite flavor when he was a kid and he hasn't eaten them in years!
28. Light:  taking a break from wedding shopping in the bright sun while Marcus loads up and ties down the goodies:)
29.  In my fridge:  leftover chicken and dumplings..was in the fridge, now its lunch!
30.  Nature:  flowers from a friends yard that she blessed me with to brighten my day.
31.  Me again:   only this time 6 pounds lighter than my day 1 pic and back in a pair of my "kinda skinny' jeans. .. a work in progress.

Well,  goodbye January.
Hello February.
 Anybody want to join in on the fun?
If you do, look me up on instagram and say hi!
My ig name is Honeyholden :)

Stephanie :)

Don't forget to link up over here with my sweet friend Kellie.

life rearranged


  1. LOVE your pictures. I'm stopping by from Life Rearranged and I actually posted a pic of that same mug today but with an "A". :) How cool.

    Your family is adorable. It's so interesting to see all of your January pics - it makes me excited to be starting the February challenge!

  2. This WOULD make a great idea! I love the "high kick" for happiness :)

  3. Enjoyed your pictures, and seeing the fun that you have with your hubby and family.

  4. LOVE your pictures, as always. You have the most gorgeous family!

  5. cute pics! i don't think i've ever seen that flavor of doritos...

  6. love it! Good luck Charlie is one of the few more grown up shows I let Elisabeth is so cute!

  7. i'm enjoying the photoaday challenge. helps me to look for praiseworthy moments i would have overlooked. your photos are FABULOUS!

    your painting clothes and my painting clothes would be very good friends. :-)

  8. Oh my funny...when I am flipping through the channels and Good luck Charlie is on, I stop and watch even if the kids have all gone to bed. The Mom just cracks me up!
    Love your blog! My mission is to look just like you when I have grandchildren. You must have people thinking they are yours all the time. Have a nice weekend. Nice to meet you!
    :) Jen

  9. lOvEd stopping by your little piece of blogland! So encouraged to see other believers blogging! Blessings to you!
    (Colleen) @ PaRtY of 5!

  10. I am stopping by from InstaFriday and also participated in the Janphotoaday and off to a good start for Feb. Great photos! I am Sherri9 on IG. :-)

  11. Especially love that picture of everyone piled together watching Tangled- so much love! And those polka dot shoes?? cuuuute!

  12. I love your spotted shoes!
    Also, in New Zealand we always call our letterbox, well, a letterbox! I don't think I've heard very many people say mailbox! :)

  13. hello there!
    i love your photos stephanie...
    and those mustard booties!!!
    congrats on losing 6 lbs! awesome!
    that is so wonderful!

  14. ack!

    i'm so late commenting...and i don't have an excuse other than life. i love your photos. love seeing them come across IG. i'm kinda cracking up at the photos after you all have been shopping & looking into the sun. those faces are priceless. ;)

    you are just the sweetest. whoo hoo for looking so dang HAWT in the last picture. work it girl.

    have a super weekend.


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